A Friendship Wasted

A year gone to waste. Every phone call, every text message, every dollar spent, all a waste. Every lie you told I believed. Every "I love you more than her", every "when we break up I'll ask you out", every "you mean the world to me", all a lie. We were the best of friends when we were kids. Why did you have to go and make me fall in love? You made your move and made me hide. I should've known from every "we can't go there someone will see us" or every "delete our messages and change my name so no one sees". I should've never had to hide my feelings for you. I should've never had to hide the fact that we were friends. You lied and I was blinded. I fell in love with someone who was only using me for sex and money. It wasn't until the day you left that I realized you never cared. It wasn't until the day I told your girlfriend what was really going on between us that I realized you never loved me. It wasn't until the day you threw me away like a piece of trash that I realized everything I ever did for you was a waste. Every smile, every happy memory, every picture makes me sad. I should’ve known you would never leave her for me. I should’ve never told her the truth because you could still be here with me. You left and now I'm slowly picking up the pieces of my shattered heart, but I have realized I just wasted a whole year on you.


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