Boy Meets Girl

Dear Boy,



City lights pass us while we fill our nights full with laughter 

And we dont capture the moment with allowing the world to know what we do 

We just escape 

Escape the thoughts and the assumptions of the world

Escape how we feel 

Because in those nights we built


I hope you remember me with my smile up and my hair down 

The way 

 I run and float in the clouds 

Where I dont want to be found 


Where I laugh out loud and dont care how my nose crinkle 

Or how I eat beastly because the taste is just that damn good 

And when you understood 

Why I wanted to be free 

All these years I just wanted to be me 

And you only wanted to be you 

Now I understand why the universe drew me to you 

We beat the odds because we dont have to be together to prove that we are better for each other 

Just two souls on a mission to oblivion 

And we explain to each other why we want to live again 

And again 


Sincerely , Girl


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