Your Old Friend

Dear Dude,

When I took those first steps...

Not into the world, no

Into your life.

Who did I look like?

I refuse to believe I didn't remind you of anyone.

Perhaps... an old friend?

An old infatuation?

An old Lover?


Then who?

Months passed after we met

I grew to appreciate you

I grew to... fall in love??

No, no, no...

I grew to be grateful of the person I got to know.

Not only did you show me what it means to open up

but also what it means to trust.

A year passed since we first met

But.. what about... that old "someone"...?

that question was never answered

Who was it?

Who did I remind you of?

It wasn't the old Lover

Or the old infatuation

no. I saw it in your eyes when we first met.

It was an old friend

The friend who became your true ally

the friend that listened and loved you

that is who I reminded you of.

Did you ever give me that answer?


but you did open up enough for me to catch on

The old friend I will never get to meet

Me or anyone for that matter

The old friend that changed your whole world after they left

The old friend who's death affected me beyond its occurance.

I remind you of them

You felt like you had to protect me

You didn't know me for very long but that was your immediate stance

You had to make sure I did not have the same ending as your friend

I was your do over

to the one that got away

to the one that left 

to the one you could not save

I still don't know your friend's name

It was a boy I was sure of that when you told me his ending.

But his name?

His name?

His name?

when will I ever know?

Whhat is the name of this person who I remind you of?

The friend who has an affect on how you treat me?

The friend who has made you afraid to hurt me.

Afraid I will never want to hear from you again

Afraid of going though the same blame you went though with him

Afraid I will soon leave this world

Just like your old friend.

What is his name?



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