Our day

Line to the surface of bliss, right above the crowd I was floating, electrified with enjoyment,don't you ever fall please, now let me drown right in deep.

What a shameful path I have drowned, the time of my life went to waste, Wasteland of melancholic memories and my endless disgrace. I ran to the easy exit of an awkward pain, a very dramatic portrait of myself. I saw us puking our lungs out ,sweating our blood, I saw us living... Living what we always yearn for.

I wish I had stayed, I am so damned. Just go on, that was our day. What if I stay now?
What would you say?

We all were the lights of the night, our screams scared the lonely men in the streets, the ground felt the vibrations of our feet, the Earth trembled with the loud sound of the darkest symphony. That was the day of our lives, bruises and jumps we found, I came down without touching the ground, you will live forever now.

What would happen if I had stayed? Nothing would have changed, now I have gone away with my mind, the power that I once felt, my will to live to yell, I have disappeared, my escape has been delayed so what if I just stay.

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