As I sit and write these poems
I sit here and right my wrongs
I remember when I told you how I gave up on writing songs
I tell you this now cause this is a freestyle right off the dome as I sit at home and think of the future we have yet create, my best friend Maria is who you really are I remember when I told you this girl said I was a sweetheart, I remember when I told you about that girl that broke my heart and now I sit here and express my deepest thoughts.
As I sit here and write my rhymes I start to rethink, rethink about the times when we had the cloudiest days and talk each other's ears off to turn them into our proudest days I also remember on how this friendship started and how my past friendships made me feel retarded, sometimes I wanna stop my life and restart it.
I don't know why you put so much faith in me
I don't know why you befriended me
But you let me know that you believe in me
And that's something no one has ever bestowed in me
You bring out the best in me
You make me wanna just laugh at my enemies
The thing is as I sit here and write my rhymes I sit here and think about the times when we were strangers and I was afraid to put my trust back in danger but just like pizza you took a piece of me and ignited that positive energy to make me a better me.
As I sit here and right my wrongs I sit here and listen to that crazy song, that song that ignites the vibes, that song that makes me not afraid to try to progress and confess and what makes me the best I can ever be.
But enough about me this poem is for you, this poem is a freestyle off the dome I made just for you, you still struggle with your demons but you demonstrate on how to create a better you a better person that'll make you that really you? All jokes and wordplay aside do you remember when I was going insane and had thoughts of suicidal genocide? You helped me through my dark times and just like Optimus you've helped push me to my prime, as I play along and try to deal out our cards I wanna say thank you for helping me improve my wrongs, for now for these years we've known each other I have placed all my trust within you as you have done the same. I shine brightest when I know you're there, I coward and hide when I remember you're not here but whenever I think of you my mood changes I swear I just want you to know I'm happy you were there when no one cared. We'll grow old and look like raisins but what's funny is our friendship won't die it'll just be blazing and infamously amazing fore that we have a life to live and my heart in our friendship I'll forever give.

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My family
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