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You made me trust you when I didnt want to  just to hurt me just to leave me again   now I dont know what to do so ill cry in my bedroom listen to blink 182 because that was our song
Because I love you, I tell you how I feel, No matter what. Because I love you, I open communication.   Because I love you, I let you express your mind, Even when I disagree.
i'll give this life, lose every victory, whatever be the price, i'll give you limitless love  
i love you forever i won't stop loving you' i would die if your not with me your the only one who  will understand i will always love you you sweet in the inside       
I can never get you off my mind I count down the days till you can be in my arms once more No more crying myself to sleep Because I must be strong for you I must not give up For a world without you
We Were Far Away From The World In The Darkest Room. And In The Love Of Light Screaming & Dropping Breathing While to Live The Pleasure Of Love And We Try To More Harder,
Looking at the good things in life; for when something's wrong; to make them happy. Listening to the things that they say; with an open heart; to make them feel loved. Giving
She had everything he wantedShe was everything he neededShe was the perfect art piece everyone wished to plagiarize;Her heart was crafted with perfection,Her love was so perfect to be rated,Her touch;
I Know You Hate When We Fight, Cause It Never Solves A Thing, I Know In Your head over and over You Need Me to Be Your Right Wing. I Never Want to fuss, I just get to heated,
carry me through the barren leaves in braids of trees life is a known mystery locked horns with the mere notion of joy as a bat with girl meets boy lift your head high
Love, just like chocolate Comes in different forms Sometimes it's sweet Sometimes bitter At times, there are nuts involved
  so about my everything, my world, my bae, my bestfriend, my luva that person is sooo special to me i dont no what i would do without them  im in love with them  my everything is smart 
Dear mom, its been hard hasn't it?  dealing with all the problems in your head  not being able to tell me anything because you don't want me to worry.
Dear Alex, you are as golden as the rays the sun holds so close to its heart.  Your hands are as soft and delicate as the petals of a sunflower. You bring the
Dear Alaskan Boy, I don't think I told you about this particular story, but my mother always told me,  that you have freckles on your face and angel kisses all over the place.
I write this for you, for when you're feeling blue. Through the dampness of the night, know that there is always light.   I write this for you, for desicions you drew. For your mistakes,
The Forgetful Old Man’s Dream                  By: Shane Rieken From within his lonesome chamber, one woeful, rainy night,
Dearest, dearest, darling, love, Words could never truly speak, What you mean to me. The stars are my friends,  The grass my support, Oak trees and singing birds, Company in my loneliness.
Does he love me, like I love him? Because- He makes my heart race, At a fast pace.   Does he not know Yet- Does he not see, The type of love I have for him  
A year gone to waste. Every phone call, every text message, every dollar spent, all a waste. Every lie you told I believed.
I make you cryTears falling from your eyesYou look at me with distrust,painYou ask me why.Why hurt me, just to come and love afterwards.My heart breaks from the disdain in your eyes.
My room is my sanctuary a place I can go to hideWhen im hiding from my demons because they know that im aliveMy room is my safe space a place I call my own A place I go when everythings turned left and i feel all aloneA place I cry my tears and a
You said "One day we'll have a last kiss" And I wrinkled my forehead, And opened my mouth, only to close it.    Because you're right.  One day our lips will part.
Dear Love, Hate, Me, and You. I Hate the way you’re always right. And I hate the way you look at me.
You are my rock. When I need you, you're always there. You are like a blanket from my childhood. When I need your comfort you are there to wrap around me. You are like the ocean.
Finding someone who is caring, careful, conscientious is far more difficult than I’d like it to be.When I found you I felt at peace, I felt like the world finally had meaning, motive, mind.When I met you my anxiety emerged its way back out of the
Love- A beautiful thing.   To the world, And all it contains-   Love: When you see her crying Out in the streets, Out in the rain, Water streaming down Her face-
For all that it is, love… love isn’t one for being bound. Not even when placed in the most fortified of prisons will it ever submit to its capture.   It takes on new names. New owners.
I love you, Because when you look at me with those big, beautiful eyes, It reaches them when you smile.  I love you, Because whenever I babble about my day, You listen without judgment. I love you, 
Because I love you, honesty will be ever present You can rest assured that our communication is true That my thoughts and actions are pure to you There are no games I secretly play
Planted in a world where neither love could conquer hate A rose was hoped to bloom there for she was the rarest of all them all It was only a matter of time before the storms would take a turn
There are things even a photograph cannot capture. The moments preceding. The moments after. Both the backstory and destination left to be told with a snippet of time.    In this portrait, 
You love me, you love me not the blooming rose may never rot You always stayed at my side Down the fainty rode of my ride   Through the dark clouds, comes your light  I always wanted you in my sight
To the edge of the universe and back for you, I'll miss the broken avenue To stay by your side forever, Even with the sunrise calls, I'd rather trip I'd rather fall, Than to have you in pain,
Once again you pull me down In the waters of judgment and shame Current by current stripped in guilt of being In disposer to your supposed great love As treacherous darkness blinds me
Because I love you I’ll sacrifice myself Because I love you I’ll treat you like a Queen Because I love you I’ll listen to what you say Because I love you I’ll give of myself  
You are the embodiment of love. from the way you secure me to the way you do little-unspoken things for me the honesty we have between us is like a rose in full blossom nothing is unknown
Love washes over you like first summer rain. Love isn’t weighed down by the worry of being late four minutes. Love is safe.
When you love someone with all your heart, You should strive to do your very best. For when the right person comes along, You need to cherish every moment.  
Young and new to reality of worldthey only see the good in a bodywords of eternity caring are hurleda figure of beauty always gaudythe controlling hands curling far around
To all of my good friends, Whose love is my greatest gift One which I hope never ends; For love is ever swift.   Your love is kindness Your love is laughter Your love is my happily ever after
Tell me Mr. Hero, what have You done? Is this not my story? You’ve commandeered the issue my newest release There, See Your summons in the sky That which obscures my image  
Today I do not shower But you tell me I smell like a flower Today I misplaced my toothbrush So you gave me a brand new one Today I do not match Yet you insist I am still a catch
Once We Were Respect. Trust. Loyalty. Confidence. Happiness. Communication. LOVE.
The healthiness shoudln't have to be forced,  it shoudl come naturally, like how you both met eachother naturally. One shoudln't have to ask for respect,  it should just be know to give it,
We met when we were twelve and I fell for you then, But you fell in love with one of my old friends. Then she broke your heart during sophomore year,
We met when we were twelve and I fell for you then, But you fell in love with one of my old friends. Then she broke your heart during sophomore year,
A friend of mine had been abused by her boyfriend   She had been pushed he lied I didn't know what to do This isn't what a realationship was suppose to be like
  Remember when we asked each other out, At the same time? It was then I knew that you were perfect for me But I was still so nervous
I live in a house that does not feel like a home. Warmth, kind words, soothing voices, and patience  Do not find their way past the walls and doors of the rooms that separate us.  My mind controls me.
Thank you, For making me realize that I am worth it, For showing me that I have every reason to be confident in who I am, For never pressuring me to be someone I'm not,
I love you  This is true I love you so   I love that you are independent
The relationship we had was not solely built on love, but I needed it. See, the tweets you posted were the first giveaway; It showed your spirit and the things you believed in up until today.
Because I love you, 
I think she liked me because I was sweet And her folks had never let her trick or treat, On Easter she’d throw away her chocolate eggs, Her Reeses and her Smarties,
Because I Love You...By: Niyah Maldonado Because I Love You, I'll talk things out before giving upTrustBecause I Love You, I'll take a loss for your gainSacrificeBecause I Love You, I'll put myself in your shoes CompromiseBecause I Love You, I'll
Because I love you... We are star crossed lovers Lovers that are soul mates til the end End of time, End of our lives Lives that were made for each other
He says:   I know you’ve wondered, I’ve known for quite a while, You wonder if I love you, Since I act so juvenile.  
It takes a fraction of a second to open your mouth and say "I love you."  It takes a lifetime to recover when he didn't really love you.  But you love him,  he plays you against yourself because
i was doubting myself when you came along holding words crafted so carefully as if you were afraid that if i held them too forcefully
It wasn't the way in which HE tortured ME with hope, nor was it the words HE said that angered me. HE was so ignorant, knew nothing of the loss I was fighting to endure. HE had not seen my pain.
W-Whole: Two halves make a whole H-Happiness: Happiness is key to in any relationship A- Acceptance: Accept each other for who they truly are.
Oh, Darling, honey dear I will hold you near It’s quiet underneath the moon Let’s stay here until noon   Darling, honey dear
Real love, it's the way you talk to me, you never let me leave without knowing how much you love me, how much I mean to you.   Real love, it's the way you look at me,
  Because I love you, we became best friends Because I love you, we laugh and have fun Because I love you, I became attached Because I love you, I follow you around like a dog
Warmth, compassion, patience, understanding These are the ingredients, please don't be demanding. I strive to give you my best self. In return, you give me yours.
Knock Knock God? Are you there? God? God? I have a question.   Innocence? Do you remember it God? When our hands were meant to comfort, Not to bruise and neglect.
Just like you I don’t need to explain the complex yet fragile emotion I have for you. As for the other one, I didn’t expect for you and I to have a long lasting bond, a bond that is so impregnable not even time itself can break it.
Two in love don't need music to dance, jokes to laugh, or wine for romance. They don't need stars to say goodnight, or for either to be right. They don't need an event to come together; 
i.   to who it may concern, when we met, i was 12 i think. i can't remember. the memories that were meant to be mine from ages 12 to 14 are scattered and fractured because of you.   
My father taught me What manipulation was, What it meant to wait for hours For someone who never shows. For all his claims that he loves me, His actions do not match Those empty words.
Because I love You By Wendy Johnson   Because I love you, I will not allow you to suffer pain alone
The first date I knew I would love you You asked me questions about my plans for college You were careful not to push too far You asked if I wanted extra butter for my popcorn
Because I love you, I will not dangle your past as leverage to guilt or shame you. I will not emotionally or mentally torture you  with ridiculous mind games. I will not ever physically lay a hand on you.
It doesn't matter Whether you have blonde or brown hair Or you are skinny or fatter Because I love you   I don't love you because you love me. I don't love you for the things you do.
“Because I love you”, You said, As if it were all that mattered.   Yet still , I struggled - Looking for more of a reason.  
Because I love you, I listen to your gossip and grievances about your lovers and I hold you still when you lose control of your body to your memories and I teach you how to ride a bike
Because I love you, says the uniformed man boarding the plane to Iraq. Because I love you, says the young woman handing Her baby to her new mother. Because I love
"Sweet Mother I cannot weave Slender Aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl." Sweet Sappho I cannot despair This Girl has held my hand through the darkest of tunnels.
Love is infinite, love is transient Love harbors happiness, love harbors doom Love makes me fight Every day is a battle Sometimes loves harms me And I feel like giving up
As a child, I thought love was blue. The color of the scarf my mother insistently wrapped around my neck even though there were still flowers in the ground. The color of summer skies, my father's eyes,
Let my hands be always gentle, And never leave you grey and blue. Let my touch bring you comfort, Because I love you.  
It’s ok, that’s love Rips your heart out and becomes Sad and beautiful like a fallen dove  
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Letter 1 [From: Him To: Me]  
Because you loved me, I was smart. Because you loved me, I was funny. Because you loved me, I was outgoing. Because you loved me, I was selfless. Because you loved me, I was caring.
When I was eight years old, I wanted to wear makeup: Bright red lipstick like my aunt wore to leave kiss marks on every cup I drank from. But daddy said, "no baby, wear all the cherry Chapstick you want
They say one is a lonely number. But at least one has itself. Zero has no one. Zero doesn't even love itself.  Zero is a placeholder. A void of no emotion. It must learn to love itself, 
I get so caught up In my feelings for you That nothing seems real And reality ain't true I get lost in my thoughts When you come to mind But I know in my heart I'll come back in due time
Because Your words sting. Ring. Resonate. Reverberate. Words hit and I must choose. I choose which words to pull tight, which words to, loose. Because I
I thought what we had, was different, Apparently everything I spoke of was gibberish. You gave me scrumbling false hope, and hung me, with a busted rope. A rope consisting of tears, betrayel and broken trust,
Most of their conversation were full pleas and coersion  The words "if you love me were" often used in the sight of a diversion She thought he loved her because he made excuses and then he would bother to make up for them
Since when was love only preffered by a small bird. If we were to believe these immortal words that, "Love is only for the birds." then it would be aabsolutely absurd! Since when has it been concurred 
I love you, because of the way you run your fingers through my hair and look at me with that special look you have I love you, because you hold me  when I need you and let me go
I’ve grown sick of this belief drilled in your head I swear, he’s perfect when were alone together When every night last week I laid restless in my bed
     The days are getting shorter and shorter, and I just don't know how much longerI can hide it.
I just wanted to say I love you for that night. For bearing with me as I bore into yur arms shaking, taking in shallow breaths of panic in the passanger seat of your car in a murky parking lot I call:
Age spots your hands and veins line your wrists, and your crow-feet’d eyes lie smooth against silk. I smile ‘round teeth that have slumped and have stained,
All the hearts I can write, Saving all I can find, Just to find the one to lucky one, Whereas gender no matter to me.   Issues of love that try to fight,
It is because I love you,  that these very things I do are all for you. When the lights are dim and your watery eyes too unfocused to see what is right before you
What is this called? that thing I feel that thing i feel here here in my heart it comes and goes like waves in the ocean an ocean that will never be touch I wish you felt the same way
Because I love you, the horizontal Cuts faded from my skin The voices that screamed, keeping me awake No longer pester my mind
Love is what gives you protection and care In a healthy relationship, you wouldn’t have to be scared You feel a smile when both can connect Not sadness, anger, or thoughts of neglect
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