Mr. Hero

Tell me Mr. Hero, what have You done?

Is this not my story?

You’ve commandeered the issue

my newest release


See Your summons in the sky

That which obscures my image


The citizens have all forgotten me

And origins lost in Your tyrant rule

I am only talked in terms of You now

my city runs thick with Your sticky control


I cannot say where my parents are laid

Nor who last visited my own city

You do not wait on clocks to tick on time

You push them forward until they shatter


But now I shall erase you

I, and no other

For I am she that holds the reigns

your strings have been cut, one by one

And all together, those fiat words

you were meant to be a pedestrian of My world

That films Me thriving


The old woman in the park

Who feeds the ducks with corn and Me with wisdom

Now this story is Mine again

And you are cast out,

And the sickening league is broken, returning My nature

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Our world
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