Sun-Rose: An Ode to Josh

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 22:43 -- Osiria

Planted in a world where neither love could conquer hate

A rose was hoped to bloom there for she was the rarest of all them all

It was only a matter of time before the storms would take a turn

At a certain age, this rose lived happily yet she encountered one storm as she was nearly bloomed

In hopes of being bloomed she welcomed this storm

And this storm every night left her losing petals from endless destruction

She barely held on, she prayed he would stop

Every night ended the same, with lust and rotting leaves


He left once more to find another and this rose with tranquil beauty was cast aside

Waiting for death to come and take her at last

Yet on a day of sin she encountered a boy whose hair eyes may surely be derived from the setting sun

Saddened by his weakened flames, he shined on her to see what has become of this 'perfect' rose 


He took care for this rose and

For soon, this rotting rose was eased with his innocence

As He was brought on by fate and given as God's gift, he watered his newly found rose in a garden of Eden

He guarded his rose from the devil's temptations not even the lustful storm returned

Away it went, sent away to its cavern of sins


Soon the dying rose returned to its state of peace and beauty

Its petals worn out yet softened by this boy's touch, its decaying blackness was replaced by his innocent white

The rose was whispered by the boy with whom she may call 'mine', and was bloomed once more

She wearingly was held by his graceful arms as he full of hope, brought her to the light


And there she knew in her roots, that this feeling she grew curious of was found at last

And there they walked till the constellations were seen, he lay close to his rose as she lay rested on his light

For the pair quietly embraced each other's imperfections

For the pair felt connected as one


Neither fear nor sin could ever be committed nor expressed

They were watched by God's presence

And soon they became one with the stars


To my love, to my friend, I thank you: for I am free of sin and

Because I love you, I now know what love is and

Because I love you, I now know what coming home feels like

Oh love at last.

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