Love Elevated

Because I love you, honesty will be ever present

You can rest assured that our communication is true

That my thoughts and actions are pure to you

There are no games I secretly play

No strings I pull to make you sway my way


Because I love you, we are in a partnership

True partners in crime

As we race on through the night

Remember we are a team- just like Michelle and Barack Obama

Equal in body, spirit and mind

Coexisting in a realm of respect and understanding


Because I love you, I support you

I am your home base

The place you come to recharge your spirits

On your worst days I will help you to fix your crown

Assisting in the process to rebuild the confidence of a King

On your best days I celebrate you

You deserve to be told how amazing you truly are


Because I love you, I want you to love yourself

Your origins and memories much different than mine

Though it is the similarity that pulled us together

It was your peculiarities that enticed me most

Continue to embrace your individuality

Challenge yourself to new heights

Your attentiveness to self-love will only enrich our bond


Because I love you, you should continue to follow your dreams

Trust your instincts and pursue your never-ending curiosity

Pursue what drives you to wake up in the morning

Love the journey of learning

Enjoy the adventure that unveils itself when you follow a life of purpose


Because I love you, I am stronger

Because I love you, I know that I have grown

Because I love you, I understand the meaning of connection

Because I love you, I know what it means for your heart to smile

Because I love you, life now has no limits


All of these amazing things possible quite simply because I love you.

This poem is about: 
My family


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