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Winter…. Is awful I spend five months (give or take) a year Every year suffering In the cold And the wind And the frigid expanse of dim lighting And depressed employees All for what?
There is a stone sinking to the bottom of a lake. Spinning and twirling around and around to expose two initials. It doesn’t matter if they are mine though I know that they are  
I am well aware that I am no stranger to mistakes. In truth, no one is, but this is how we learn and to be afraid of mistakes is to be afraid of the possibility for growth.  
When I would go to the store as a child I would always grab something off the shelf and my mom would have the same conversation every time. The same patience in her eyes. The same faded smile.
Be gentle with my heart, Love, It’s a fragile little thing. 
March 1997.   A 32-year old Pakistani man leaves his village, wife, and young son in Gujrat, Punjab He went to New York even though the distance made his heart throb
Dandelions sure do look like flowers But they're weeds that wilt in just a few hours To my untrained eye, it looked like a real dollar bill But a distorted George screamed "Counterfeit" and still
Silence. Pure and refined silence. I struggle to find meaning in the sounds. To make music is to paint a picture with no canvas. A lone hand embraces my soul; Gripping me, carrying me, holding me.
My most feared tormentor, that hushed sentry Guarded in its webbed domain, transfixed by its prey, Whether it be me or a sly housefly grappling against its threaded prison.  
It began when I was 8 Haikus, ABABs, acrostics It came It develeoped And it's magic still provides Poetry grew up with me Friends came and went The good times faded
You had me fooled to think that you were right about everything.  But no you were trying to convince me to your side. Or at least the side you thought was right.  We are all wrong in different ways.
  How could you let me grow so fond of you? When I said “I love you”- I meant it. I use to think you did, too. No longer do I believe that lie
 Toxic thoughts arrive uninvited   Memories of love unrequited Undecided on what’s there for me, I wonder why you weren’t  there for me Everyone said, “Tread carefully”, I was running on ice and never knew I fell in
A crack in the earth Staying still for all of time, Remember the scars.
Because you “love” me. I’m left wanting more? With where we stand, You’re still “never sure.”  Because I love you, I ask for “too much” I make myself your wings. You,
Remember when the sky was blue? When there were no planes nor motors too. The days of travel dragged on and on,  often taking lives like falling flies.   But as time moved on, the hardships were gone.
Love can transform. Trust can create or break. Friends can be fake.   She was a friend  and now a foe. The lies, the plays. It was a joke to spread my woes.   Psycho she was-
Love can transform. Trust can create or break. Friends can be fake.   She was a friend and now a foe. The lies, the plays. It was a joke to spread my woes.   Psycho she was-
I might have to teach myself to smile again. I will practice in the mirror each night before I go to bed. I’ll smile and my teeth will hold back the sea of words I’ve yet to speak.
Standing back To see it all Every vivid curve Paint portraying Each lesson learned Each moment of pain Each difficult day   To see it all Connect and flow
Have you a heart so heavy you feel as though it will fall out of your chest? Escape the prison that is your rib cage and tear through your organs until there is nothing left. I do.I have a heart heavy with grief.I'm grieving. What for?For him.For
Tell me, was it all in vain?
The flowers were around me Like pink tissue paper Guarding a presant From eager eyes. But this presant wasn't nail polish, Lip gloss or barbie dolls, It wasn't mudpies, Or beebee guns for guys.
Paths.Straight or sturdyCurved or dirty
Life is a staircase that goesUp to the clouds in ragged flows
Life some time throws some ha
I thought I was the flawless  in the past. But now I realize that with the critiques and the mistakes I've made,  I am flawless with a cause.   I am flawless because I have flaws on the outside that teach me.
shit happens that i know friends come and go that for sure people die then we cry we suffer than we fly we get hurt still we smile a broken trust a broken heart everything else is torn apart
I don't think that I can see it as well as other people You can do it again and again for centuries Checking my work My new job Making costumes Doing makeup The only thing that can make me happy
It’s tempting, to gaze upon the night sky                                       and see only crisp starlight, juxtaposed with a firm sheet of outer space. But most would know that soon,
Wild flowers do not last forever as autumn passes
I am confused most of the time I feel as if my world tumbles day after day I don't really know what I want out of this life I just don't see the point of many things anymore I believe TIME is just passing me by
Boys from her past had already taught her "do not fall for a man, without a father."
Back at the trailer, another day gone She stopped to wonder why She asked herself, "is this worth it?' She was barely getting by
Is it worth it to die, Or should I ask to live?
I am Human
Get me out of this placeMy heart breaks like glassLet it shatter and it runs a different paceIt's messing with my head, one minute i'm with you now suddenly i'm hereWhen will this end?
I on a pathA journeyToward happiness, love, and prosperityBut this journey is not easyIt is not what it seemI have surpass obstacleI have succumb to the it’s affectTearsLaughterLonenessHappiness On this path I hope I become the person I want to be
“You are beautiful”That’s exactly what he saidKnowing in the back of his headHe just wanted what was in between her legsAnd after this act of pure emotionHe goes back and tell his friends
Attraction In it lies “action” Meaning your plan needs some traction To find your satisfaction Kiss Causing sweet sweet bliss Something you cannot miss Or else you will be dissed Love
If you asked me my true desire My tongue would retract and my words would expire Because when it comes to me and wishes I won’t deny I’m superstitious   See I'm afraid that what you ask for you'll get
A wise old man made a simple decree:he told me that the best things in life are free.If I'm to be humble and grateful, at ease,I know to acquire that college degree.The stress and the pressure,
Here I stand with a poster board in hand. I look at you as you try to avoid me. In your A/C, as you turn the radio up. I'm struggling. I am dying on my knees, when I want to stand on my feet.
Old kids as an society will eventually take about 30 prescriptions pills, but as humans we suffer from greed. Our greed complains for more life, but to have had life is enough. Our greed stems from fear, the fear of being casket sharp and gray.
Friends walk into our lives, and walk out as easily. It makes me question their strives, Isn't that terribly?
Life took his leave Optimism stabbed me in the back Perseverance didn't want to stay and Pride just seemed lost. all that was once whole now laid in bits and pieces damaged and near impossible to fix
There was a boy who dreamed so high Looked at the sky to see if he can try As Life went on all that he can see, Is a harsh road filled with spikey trees. Down he goes to see the road,
This is a tale of a Castor Canadensis who, as most beavers, was built for life in the water North America's largest rodent by the name of Mr. Memphis was skilled in swimming and an amazing doctor.
In the penetrated sky i await For the delicious prey to reappear I ready the unforgivable bait And lure the wandering target thats near. The sweet dulling scent of loveable food
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