A little boy's step


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There was a boy who dreamed so high
Looked at the sky to see if he can try
As Life went on all that he can see,
Is a harsh road filled with spikey trees.
Down he goes to see the road,
There he goes all scarred and burned.
As he walked forward the road of pain,
He then saw three roads all sharp and vain.
Though he couldn’t decide which path to take,
So he twirled around and chose to just eat a steak.
He looked and looked what he should do.
But he is stuck with nothing to do.
Like a vegetable he sits idly by,
Letting other strangers pass him by.
He was envious of these strangers so there he looked.
First road, second road, or third road…
For so long he couldn’t decide.
The boy became a man and a footstep is seen.
To the first road it shall be…



I based this on how i lived my life back when i was younger. My dream was always so big. So without thinking i tend to go forward with the idea not knowing what is going to hit me. Harsh pain and a lot of things happened during the process. Since i did not know which path to take, i often just sit and look at other people succeed and just get inspired and yet i still dont take my first step. I was always scared what would happen or how much money i would waste if i went to any road. Then i was just fed up and eventually went forward not caring or thinking about the consequences. I figured stepping forward is better than just sitting there with an idea that is never going to grow. Oh! and this is my very first poem by the way. hope you like it

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