"Emotional Disaster"


I am confused most of the time
I feel as if my world tumbles day after day
I don't really know what I want out of this life
I just don't see the point of many things anymore
I believe TIME is just passing me by
What should I do, I don't really know
I really just have given up
Why should I even try
I hardly have any family support
God has left me at his mercy, HE has taken the one person that really loved me
Or so I thought...
I have recently found out that this man, my father, is a two-face, cheating, lying hypocrite
But who am I to judge
For I have been a fool too
Succumbing to his lies & his "LOVE"
Probably because he was the only one who ever really gave me any attention
Giving me sweet memories, dearly cherished & held close to my heart
I really miss you even though you are a bad man
You have made a really big impact on my life even though you don't deserve it
My heart just couldn't help it
I made a promise to you, the day that you left
"To stay in school & become something of myself"
So it is because of YOU that I'm still in school, trying to be the best that I can be
Because the day you left to El Salvador, you took a piece of me...


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