Dear Past Lover,

Thu, 12/21/2017 - 00:52 -- 15kyla


How could you let me grow so fond of you?

When I said “I love you”- I meant it.

I use to think you did, too.

No longer do I believe that lie

Or will I allow myself to think that you cared.




Something you said you’d do, but if you did, you wouldn’t do the things you do, say the things you say, or make me feel the way I do, or is that not how that works?  



If you cared like you say,

you would want to spend time with me.

You would want to talk to me.

You would actually do the things you say you’d do.




You would want to see me, hold me, and love me like you say, and do each of the things you say you would do if you actually wanted to do them, or is that wrong too?



Instead you are clever with words,

and you allow me to think you're interested.

Then you retreat from your promises of love.

Then you do the worst thing you can do to someone.




To let someone love you, when you don't really love them, to let them think you would do anything for them, when really you won’t,  to ignore them, let them sit to think about what they did wrong, what they could have done right.




To take their trust and throw it away, smash it, burn it, and assure they will never have any trust for any person ever again, to keep them for your convenience, building your ego, boosting  your self esteem, and giving nothing in return.




The worst thing you can do is play with someone's heart, the way you played with mine.




Your Past Lover




Next time you fall in love, don't hurt them the way you hurt me.



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