"Life, hard lesson"

Life some time throws some hard lessons
Lessons we just don't want to learn
Lessons of love and trust, lust & yearn
Compromising positions
But does any one ever really learn?

Learn to accept, learn to grow, 
Learn to ammends the past u come to know
to deal with it and learn to let it go
To reach for higher ground, to learn to grow
To debate what is going on around you
And decide what u want, not what u come to know.
Is what u strive for the same thing u had yesterday

Or can we see beyond tomorrow
For the past has build tears full of sorrow
Life is short, and our time is borrowed
So if letting go is living, then we can not be a coward.
Our lives are precious ... Our hearts get devoured
what do we do to keep looking forward?

Change, whether we like it or not.
or keep doing the same thing
& Being so Vain, think ur so hot?

If you always did what you always done
You will get what you always got!

"that is the very definition of insanity"
Think about it, & its profanity!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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