lessons learned


Boys from her past had already taught her "do not fall for a man, without a father."
So to her, most men were just a bother. Yet they lined up for her lust. Lambs to a slaughter. No trust just body parts seeking what their heads most thought of. Like brain storming, without the thunder and mostly water. But she fell for my intellect and I instantly caught her. Flame to a moth, schemes to a plotter. Our passion burned deep getting hotter and hotter. She loved my respect, her lies my favorite author. Embracing deceit, we needed no doctor. I gave into us now here comes the shocker. Boys from her past had already taught her. 
"Never fall for a fool with or without a father. Lie to get yours because he'll lie to get yours. Step back from love because he'll lie to get yours." A man eater and I was just fodder. Caught in a cycle, doomed to forever ponder. Was it her or I that created this blunder. These mixed emotions of hate and love... I wonder.


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