Allusions to Greek Mythology

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The song of the siren is wielded like a sword,And lured heroes and sailors alike to a watery grave.Their songs from sorrow and beauty cannot be ignored.
The mourning sun: Helios   I bloom—vivid and bold. Set in your sky, I burn gold.   From my light— A sacred gift—
Although no one could see her  straight to the eye,  Medusa met someone once upon a time, 
Jupiter, God of thunder and sky, He has seen the stars up close. With all their colors he cannot deny. Their beauty which he adores the most.   Though his face is illuminating,
(Her)a  Her, The queen bee, The popular girl, Dating the popular boy, She has everything a girl could ever want,
I   she was born from a ball of fire  ball made up of the same stuff of stars stuff that glitters with goosebumps and neck hairs
I bring about the darkness that you see as the end you go to bed and shield your eyes  from pains you put me in   I bring about the darkness  the one that sends you off
TO ARTEMIS   Artemis, virgin goddess,  Shrewd and warrior-hearted, Hunter who is second to none, Stag sniper, with a glistening golden rifle,
Whosoever should soar to great heights Shall encounter there no earthly delights But instead will grasp with empty hand Treasures found not upon land At least, that's what Icarus was told
On the edge of a parapet stands a young person  with nothing but wings made of wax and the boldness to jump.    We were told as children that the myth  always ends in tragedy. 
When our people die, they become stars of the night. Igniting the obsidian sea, a veil of heavenly light.   For people like I, with godly ichor in our veins, cursed never to die,
The god of tricking people, they say he is. sulking alone in a basket of lies; however, Loki no longer wants to be under that disguise. Alone, he sat, watching himself on the screen
So Zeus sat there Scrolling through Twitter Lightning lit up the sky Because Zeus saw something he didn't like   So Zeus sat there Scrolling through Twitter Tweeting when he saw fit
  Where have the Old Gods gone?   Athena walks around college campuses Books in her bag And a switchblade under her tongue
Phorcys and Ceto, two siblings so close, They birthed three healthy gorgons out of passionate throes. Two of the girls had interests that align,
Today on Apollo on the air, I’m here to speak to you of art. On the creation and love of poetry and prose—the bindings of my very soul. On such an occasion, when, dear listener, my muse finds me, you may find me:
Kore, Of fertile youth, Watch as she pales, withers. His queen now, Destroyer of Light, Night Bloom  
The lightning strikes on society, Society split into two.  Zues’s bolt creates a divide that has never been so vast. A divide bigger than Mount Olympus,
The lightning strikes on society, Society split into two.  Zues’s bolt creates a divide that has never been so vast. A divide bigger than Mount Olympus,
In the midst of winter I hear them cry, For all the nights I have said goodbye. Let thy heart rest on mine, as I will fill it with red wine. With every touch of passion, my skin has all the answers,
Inside the pound There were cute little hounds With floppy ears and soft fur There were cats who liked to purr In the back
Ruins are what build the integrity Of a man destroyed by love. Though the red glass of his heart shatters, The golden sinews of his character tightens To create a new person. 
So there I was sitting down, Locker room was full. And out of nowhere he came round, Like he owned the school. I walked up and he pushed me,
  In the spring, the newborn sunlight glistened through her partially bleached hair. Her eyes sparkled in the warm daylight, as they glazed over the fiction novel she rented from the library.
Dionysus, the man of greed The king of ecstasy The queen of mead Dionysus, Dionysus, the graceful drunk The dapper playboy With charm and spunk
Afrodite, often naked with vulnerability and intimacy, was easy of love.   She always gave her heart out in morsels.
Game day had fallen upon the land The hiss, the boo, the cheers, the joy incoming  And with the audience in his hand Was Hercules a football star upcoming   With a mighty golden lion as his mascot
Medusa; The watch me as my hair slithers and they tremble in fear This head is filled with so much pain This body, beautiful but broken They try to build me up But brick can’t hold forever I tell them
Helen has cheated on her man Paris has stolen her heart The whole class already knew They warned him He didn't listen The class opinion was split in two Of who her heart should really belong to
She's the midsummer's flowers, The prolonged days hours. My reason I search for an immortal diet Just for a glimpse of her eternal souls quiet.
The way to the hereafter has been painted in many strokes, From stairways, riverways and elevator rides. But when our time is come, there is one man, our path guides. Our forfathers gave a coin, but we give 5 stars.
Midas was a man, A man with a wish, He didn’t get what he planned, But he just couldn’t resist.   He asked for gold the first time,
Midas was a man, A man with a wish, He didn’t get what he planned, But he just couldn’t resist.   He asked for gold the first time,
Tossing and turning the night before Our hero had to return to another day of war His mighty broad shoulders and thick cut jaw Oh so handsome left all the girls in awe
It should come as no surprise the injustice is a tale as old as time haves and greater-thans ignore broken cries. They take and take, and punch and climb- // Over poor, broken, helpless -- not leaving a dime
Zeus had put the app on her phone Yet told her not to open it She wanted to listen  But her curiosity was now lit  She stared wondering if she should do it    To open the app that was forbidden
there is something inside me, i say this a lot. i say this so much it's grown into its own small world, its own small sea of love that i wade into on the worst of nights.
Tangled sheets, sweat stains. The body of a god streched out before me. He promised me everything, all of him,  and I have it. But still, he leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.  
Science fair  Icarus' last chance to pass Using household items to fly across a river? Easy peasy, although he's the dumbest in class He straps himself in  Says one last prayer
Lover, that makes me stare Ivory skin and ebony hair Lover, forever fair  You have come and answered my prayer   Lover, that makes me stare
Three Brothers, singing of powerful truths. One was Metal. One was Pop. and the Other Blues. Together they formed a Trinity. Singing of ballads and tunes. One brother of Thunder, and the other swayed by the moon.
Narcissus Tall and handsome Dreamy eyes and soft hair Kind features, complexion fair He was beautiful              And he knew it.   But what's wrong with that?  
The classic surfer Cali livin’ Careless chic magnet Helios takes his role easily He steals his dad’s Jeep for the boys He spends his days on the waves His beautiful blond mop shines in the sun
Selene could not find her special power, Crying silver tears she would scream and cower. Lonesome nights consumed with fear and worry Made her sparkling eyes of desire blurry.
He was a young man.  Gazing into a pool of the self love he was never given by the culture around him.   He was alone. Knowing he would always be told he was never allowed vulterability.  
With every nasty comment negative review downvoted post bitter message Ares smiles at his so-called success. "I am the god of war!" He would always exclaim
He was looking at me with a hunger in his face that boys like me learn to ignore as soon as we can climb a tree. I have never climbed a tree. I was curious.   “What are you
Yes, we live to die.  And die to live.  It was no surprise when Persephone ate that pomegranate.  She did it. She lived.    Her mother held the innocence of her child, but only to suffer
my life is like like charybdis my head is spinning, can't take this I breathe in, everything all at once I belche it out and feel like a dunce if only i had someone to come and pick out every crumb
The minds of men were so easy to sway She cackled as she toiled away To implant, to bury, to ingrain her seed To make men slaves of her creed.  Taking her time, she would watch seeds grow
We live long if we never know ourselves Such are the words of Teiresias For years I had thought to know myself And which route would be easiest. But I hadn’t known my true self then
Beauty and grace, that’s all anyone could see.  But beneath her surface, there was only a poisonous personality.  She played games, acted selfishly, men and women walk away in pain,
Finally President of the United States, Zeus was pleased with himself. Or at least he might have been, had his wife not found out that he had cheated on her.  Again.
Curiosity killed the cat - Pandora would know. A box or a jar, Filled with things from below.   When told not to open, She couldn’t hold back. Then she released all the evils
If you took One look At the staff of my school You would think, hey this is pretty cool   Poseidon is our swim coach He has a very direct approach Stay underwater as long as you can
Medusa wasn't cursed she was protected her Goddess wanted to give her the world   but when men take without mercy Athena did what she thought best even if Medusa was hurting  
The atmosphere was stained with the pleasant strings of violin, The aroma of her perfume, melodies intertwining with her mellifluous euphony, Her voluptuous moonlit almonds peering into the depths of my dreams,
Dear Artemis, Stop blocking the TV, And leave me be. I just want to write my poems And listen to music on my headphones.
Your mind is not your own. Your mind is a massive never ending pit and you balance precariously over its mouth, one foot in front of the other, on a fraying rope that could snap at any minute.
The washerwoman turns to me and asks,“Did you hear about Damalis?”Our hands dip into the cool river waters,Cold linen draped along our slipping skin.
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