The Most Interesting School

If you took

One look

At the staff of my school

You would think, hey this is pretty cool


Poseidon is our swim coach

He has a very direct approach

Stay underwater as long as you can

Come up too much, you'll soon get a tan


You can find Demeter by the cactus

Helping the students with their planting practice

Her garden grows and grows

She's always there, except when it snows


Your makeup skills are put to the test

Aphrodite hardly gives you a rest

She teaches cosmetology

And is one of the more fun dieties


With Hermes in the geography classroom

No map will ever lead to your doom

He tests you in varying locations

So that you don't get lost while on vacation


Apollo teaches choir

He can sing with a lyre

After a few days under his care

Your musical skills will begin to flare


Artemis helps you learn how to hunt

With her you learn all kinds of new stunts

She's good with a bow, and her arrows that are hollow

As you will soon follow


Athena deduces your mental capabilities

Stretching your mind while providing stability

She teaches mathematics, and literature too

To extend what you know past what you already knew


At last, I must wrap up our tour

As you can see, our school is full of allure

If you decide you would like to attend

Have Zeus view your application before the year's end

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Our world


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