Hercules on Gameday

Game day had fallen upon the land

The hiss, the boo, the cheers, the joy incoming 

And with the audience in his hand

Was Hercules a football star upcoming


With a mighty golden lion as his mascot

The team infront of them with a grumble and a growl

He had no fear many teams he had fought

Hydra's, bulls, birds, and bores fallen with a yowl


The grumble and growl of the championship game

The three headed mascot looming on the apposing side

Scouts watching and looking for young stars grasping at fame

The cheers for the lions bring Hercules overwhelming pride


Eye to eye with the looming heads

Hercules crouched with a grin of a dangerous sort

The enemy team suddenly filling with dread

Men rethinking their choice of sport


Bashing, bumping, mercilessly clashing

Hercules was an unstoppable mass of a man

Eventually the Ceberus's mascots teeth stopped mashing

With the final yards and a good plan


With a tackle and a grunt it was done

Golden confetti and screaming out one name

Hercules and the Lions had won

The trophy and praise came after the game


Now Hercules is a Savior of the masses

Star player at the University of Mount Olympus

Amid the full ride ticket and ap classes

He still has trouble making his way around campus

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