The Seeds of Discord

The minds of men were so easy to sway

She cackled as she toiled away

To implant, to bury, to ingrain her seed

To make men slaves of her creed. 

Taking her time, she would watch seeds grow

Letting them fester and boil and soon overflow

Roots plunging deep down every crack

Staining each crevice with deeds of black. 

Unseating Harmony, and all of her light

To watch her bleed was Discord's delight. 


Whether in council rooms, homes, or the whole of streets

Her apples were thrown, and soon followed feet

Humans, no matter how great or small, 

Trapped in the allure of the apple's call. 

It took years, weeks, and sometimes days, 

To achieve her scheming, her plotting ways

It was simple yet strenous to foster the minds,

To unroot the humanity of mankind. 

All it took was steady aim

For the world to become ash and flame. 


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