Dear Artemis/Dear Apollo

Dear Artemis,

Stop blocking the TV,

And leave me be.

I just want to write my poems

And listen to music on my headphones.

Just shut up already.


Dear Apollo,

Stop hogging the mirror in the bathroom,

Like, seriously.

Stop blasting your music through the house,

And just be as quiet as a mouse,

Because I haven’t had enough coffee to deal with you yet.


Dear Artemis,

Stop saying you don’t need a man

‘Cause it’s just getting out of hand.

I don’t care that you don’t want a boyfriend.

Just stop talking about it already.


Dear Apollo,

You must be so happy, huh?

You wanna know why you’re Mom and Dad’s favorite?

Because you want to be a fancy doctor, duh.

Just because I don’t want to go to med school

Doesn’t mean I’m a fool.

So stop.

You’re making me look stupid.


Dear Artemis,

Mom and Dad are worried,

And in the past, you’ve always hurried…

When are you coming home?

Listen, Dad didn’t mean it.

You don’t have to be some hotshot,

You just have to be you.

You’re all I’ve got.

Please come home.


Dear Apollo,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,

But what was I supposed to do?

Mom and Dad don’t understand,

And I just can’t take it anymore.

I’ll miss you,

But I have to.

I’ll try to find you one day, I promise.


Dear Artemis,

Dear Apollo,

I hate you.

Ugh, you're always in the way!

...But I love you,

And we’ll meet again one day.



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