A Modern Hymn to Artemis



Artemis, virgin goddess, 

Shrewd and warrior-hearted,

Hunter who is second to none,

Stag sniper, with a glistening golden rifle,

Sister of Apollo, children of wealthy Zeus and the pretty Leto.

On the lap of Zeus she asked for a city, 

And to have a seperate room from her silver sibling,

To be gifted a rifle from the skilled manufacturers,

And a coat special for the hunt,

To buy all the mountains,

And have sixty younger sisters, all nine, to be her choir,

She also asked for maids to attend to her hunting dogs,

And to help those in pain with nowhere to go,

Just as she had helped Apollo,

Artemis had one last thing that she asked her influential father,

She asked to forever remain unmarried.

How horrible it must have been,

When the peeping tom Actaeon came across her.

Bathing in the cool waters of her mountside home,

Only to be disturbed by a poorer man.

Rejoice, glorious Artemis, for Actaeon is no more. 

With her influence she turned him into an example,

To be hunted among the outlaws of the city. 

Actaeon who laid his eyes upon her,

And boasted of being better deserved her heated words.

He was torn to shreds, the prey of his own fellow men.

Great sniper, glorious maiden of the elite, who rides

Above the mountains, 

On a private jet with six gold adorned seats.

Send out a rain of bullets,

Accompany your hunters in the wilds,

And grant your singer triumph in the hunt.



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