Selene's Power

Selene could not find her special power,

Crying silver tears she would scream and cower.

Lonesome nights consumed with fear and worry

Made her sparkling eyes of desire blurry.

Every goddess, every god had claimed their own strengths

Fighting wars, grasping shores, sailing grandiose lengths.

What was she good for? She had to know,

As she pulled tendril flowers out of the snow.

A moment of near anguish; she almost surrendered,

When the wisps of the stars helped her remember.

There was one hope she had not yet discovered

Her sharp chin to the sky, overhead the moon hovered.

Brightly above, glowing with pure light,

The moon was nothing short of a preposessing sight.

Her pearly white smile began to show

As she prayed to the moon; she had to know:

"Can this celestial crater be mine tonight?

If I rule and love in the radiance of night?"

Just then she began to float up above,

Her white hair and body soared past the sun.

Plunging into the galaxy, leaving a mystical sight

Selene of the stars, Greek goddess of the night.

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Our world


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