Oizys: In Her Blood



she was born from a ball of fire 

ball made up of the same stuff of stars

stuff that glitters with goosebumps and neck hairs

goosebumps contagious, eager to spread paranoia like disease


In the center of this bubbly ball of bad



she walks along the halls 

glows tinted orange specks of fire with every step 

fears a battle with expectations and a loss as a result 

anxiety contagious, eager to spread paranoia like epidemic


In the center of your life, what would you be without 





room silent with constant noise,

desks scratch across the tiled floors

pencils drag across the bubbled answer sheet and

her sobs

her sobs damp with tears of glass shards

her sobs filthy with black memories

her sobs striped with genetic coding

A girl used to pouring her tears 

in bathroom stalls now left with nowhere


snickers crawl into her ears and out the eyes

come in black and leave darker


They don’t believe her 


But who is to tell her she is faking it?

She was born with this blood.



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