Plunging Grades

Science fair 

Icarus' last chance to pass

Using household items to fly across a river?

Easy peasy, although he's the dumbest in class

He straps himself in 

Says one last prayer

With the success of his invention 

He'll be shaking hands with the mayor

Flapping his arms 

He jumps off the bridge

Sharp turn down 

then up over the ridge

Whooping and hollering

He flies up and up and up 

The heat of the sun fills him with bliss 

Warmth causes him to forget

That what comes up 

most come down

Dripping hot glue running down his arms

As his invention falls apart he's filled with alarm 

If only his wings werent so shoddily made

Icarus' last thought before he hit the water was

"Welp there goes my grade"



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