America or Mt. Olympus?

The lightning strikes on society,

Society split into two. 

Zues’s bolt creates a divide that has never been so vast.

A divide bigger than Mount Olympus,

The country is broken into pieces and cannot seem to be fixed.


All of the gods and goddesses rush to stand behind his or her victor,

Though none of them can know for sure who will win. 

On one side: the traditional, power-driven Ares.

Athena’s proud, forward-thinking form rises on the other.

Who will be chosen to take over for Zeus, as his term is up?


The arguing immediately ensues.

“Athena will help us move into the future”

“We need Ares to take us back to the Glory Days.”

But who will decide?



All will vote: demigods, nymphs, satyrs; 

all in Zeus’ former kingdom.

Each vote will work to convince his or her god or goddess,

Whose votes will actually be cast.

Whichever candidate gets at least 5 votes will become the new King or Queen of the gods.


Athena shows up in her stunning blue dress and Ares in his blood-red battle armour.

The arguments are argued,

The fights are fought,

The battles are battled,

And eventually a victor arises.


It’s Ares.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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