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Nobody notices me I feel like a ghost They assume that I'm fine Though I'm worse off than most   I'm not even sure If I'm dead or alive I not really living I just want to survive  
Every day I force myself to think the same thoughts To feel the same feelings that I am worthless that I am ugly That I am fat
Oh, no I've done it again Cut, cut, cut With my pen   Cut out the pain Time and time again I've watched blood Go down the drain   When they find my body
How hard can it be? To get up and face the world and swim against the current while a storm begins to brew. To swim throught the swirling media bombarded by infromation at all time, he said she said,
Dear Dad,   Sometimes I wish I never met you. 1,000 miles used to be the only distance,  But now we're quite through. And yet, I still think about your existence.
I love you. I love the way I hurt all the time. I love the way you make me feel like breaking down. I love it when you say you love me, but don’t show me.
Unwanted, I feel unwanted like a useless  plastic bag floating in the wind.
Brother: Sister was i never enough? to keep you smiling  when things got tough? Mother:Father was i never enough? no not good enough. to feel you love
depression hurtsmentally, physically, emotionallyfor me, writing cured.mentally, physically, emotionally
Thanks for the reminder That what I do is worth nothing At least when it means nothing to you. Though it means the world to me. Thanks for the reminder That I "waste" my time 
when did innocence become insanity? even the voices in my head are sick of me wish they wouldn't feed the beast that I now have named Agony  but I swear it wasn't really me  it fed on words from humanity 
And I expect you to hold me together when my bones are dense with the heavy sadness                       that weighs down my shoulders. And I want
All I ever wanted is gone, down on the ground with the debris. All is lost undrneath the dirt and rocks Down with the worms, the bird seed amist of rain washes away into the gutter. Unchained and unchanged am I
“I’m sorry” two words I say too often so much you must be sick of hearing my voice
Worthless.helpless.Hopeless. These are the words rattling in my head As I lay down night after night  And fight the demons day after day. No rest for my weeping eyes.
Growing up sucks in this world Having pressures to be perfect You try to get away from it Clear your mind and run away But you still have that voice The one in the back of your head
This is a response poem to something I heard one of my 'friends' say - "People who want to commit suicide are stupid and selfish. If they want to die, I say let them. They can have fun in Hell."   
I don't care what they say I know I'm worthless. Life has been handed to me on a silver platter And yet here I am, endless chatter Endless, endless Relentlessly endless chatter Regarding my life, 
The Perfect Kind Of Girl   
She isn't hopeless She isn't worthless She isn't mediocre She isn't ugly She isn't alone  She knows this.   She feels hate She feels shame She feels guilt She feels regret
Some not all can see, But we all have flaws don't we? Flawless is not me.
Dealing Small, fractured bones Dealing Life-changing codes Dealing Broken homes Dealing Depression grows   Overcoming Healing wounds Overcoming Death assumed
Light feet beat out the rhythm lodged within the recesses of her wild mind,bringing to lifethe sweet melodiesof Mother Earth.Soft lips sing the truth of the world
Her eyes sparkled like onyx But her head was bald She walked slow but steady Wasn't sure about life but she was ready And she  Was beautiful He lost half his face in the blast
Bullies and parents put me down
Demons live But not at night;
I met a guy who made me believe
The Words of a Lonely One    The words you so often hear "Be strong, be confident" They don't mean anything to the lonely ones  
I like to keep to myself because i don't want to hurt other Except for my family people think they can read me but They only see and know what i want them to I myself am
All I wanted was to feel wanted. I thought you felt the same way, but the feeling wasn't mutual. If anything, it probably never was.  Out of it all, I was probably a piece of ass.
I feel like that. That pale greyish wisp of ash that crumbles beneath the slightest touch, That's been consumed by a ravenous fire that first caressed Then incinerated every fiber of it's being. I feel like that.
You know that place between sleep and awake?
"Laugh," they said. 
Has a person ever seen such darkness? What makes this real? Tender kisses and blind movements, All just to feel.
I'm so confused The hurt inside me is so surreal I can't escape it It just follows me constantly Growing, growing I feel myself suffocating I just want to be good enough
Worthless is the thought of a soul that has been hurt Now forever lost
Stranger in a crowded room Fate continues to weave at the loom Your entire life mapped in one tapestry  And you stand alone, helplessly    You begin to wonder, 
Must I be alone forever? I've struggled for so long. I'm sure this is the worst pain ever, And it was my fault all along.   You know, I loved you- I truly did. You say I didn't but I can promise you.
Fat Girl in the buffet line,Fills half of her plat
You talk a great deal about your struggles. You pin them up like badges of honor when really you are a coward hiding in the corner behind those "friends" you deem your pawns.
On her arm, not in pen, lady writes a phrase, not the most safe way, but with a razor blade. she feels like no one loves her, no point to be on earth, we know that it’s the opposite, but she’ll never know her worth.
I live beneath you. I wade in the shallow end of your steps. I don’t understand you, Far as I may follow. I know you don’t see me, You don’t know who I am. You’re eyes show nothing, hide nothing.
They fill us up with lies They pull down the blinds And are the cause Of our sad demise   These voices and their venom Slowly poison us to death And in time we become
It all started one day she got threatened, got made to do something she didn’t want to do thought it would get better, but no, it stayed the same
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