"I'm sorry"

“I’m sorry”

two words I say too often

so much you must be sick

of hearing my voice

and saying “it’s okay”

because I know it’s not

and I know

it hurts you

when you see the marks

but I can’t help it

“I’m sorry”

two words that aren’t enough

to express how much

I hate being a burden

how I hate relying on you

“I’m sorry”

two words that start a letter

I won’t show anyone

because they’d say I’m crazy

and send me away again

to a hospital with pitying doctors

and other “troubled teens”

just “looking for attention”

“I’m sorry”

two words muffled by fabric

as my head is on your shoulder

and you put your arms around me

saying “shh it’s alright”

but I know it’s not

“I’m sorry”

two words I’ll always say

when I talk about myself

and take up your time

“I’m sorry”

I’m a fuckup

“I’m sorry”

I’m broken

“I’m sorry”

I’m a burden

a mess

a failure


“I’m sorry”

I can’t even kill myself right

can’t even cut deep

can’t leave lasting marks

“I’m sorry”

I’ll try and hide it better

you don’t want to see

“I’m sorry…”



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I can definitely relate to this piece of work. Brutally honest-- transforming even. Thanks!

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