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Tuesdays are busy with little time to pack adequate meals I found myself eating a vending machine muffin Double chocolate chip. I ate on a bench in my university’s gym.
I wish to be of bravery, A wish too brave to stand; With all the airs of legacy,  Cowardice stays my hand.   And though I claim my loyalty Will far exceed my time, My dedication is to sanity
Dear Coffee, Mornings aren't the same without you, I always think of you, like a weird cue, You make me smile from ear to ear, nothing in this world tastes more dear, The warmth on my lips,
I feel. What a simple way to express Yet a difficult means to impress I feel nervous Vulnerable at the hands of an unknowing audience
I was flowing in the darkest times I didnt know how to apoligize nothing felt right to fall in down its for then feeling like to drown its more to us right now but its better than having a frown,
Your cage indeed is like a bower to me I chant in there only for thee Come hither beloved, who needs a key?
O boy let me inhale you  All your fears and all your sorrows O boy let me inhale you  Your heart and your soul
Broken heart, woounded soul Why is there in my heart a hole? Did i break someone's heart Did i make someone fall? All i wanted was love from all Did i expect a lot of whole?
 You are the rain and the rainbow after it You are a star and the moon beside it    You are the cloud and the sun behind it 
He touched me once. Every bone in my body melted. My figure, puddled around his feet. I am yet to recover. D.C Garriott
Dear dad- did you ever lay your eyes on me? I remember in agony and melancholy, My entire childhood was spent wondering what hell did I do to you and what heaven could I have done to keep you around.
What are we Running from? Is it our Past? Or what we think Our future will be?
My parents used to read me different Dr. Seuss books, including Green Eggs and Ham, Fox in Socks and Happy Birthday To You. I enjoyed the rhythmic language that complimented the imagery and fantasy.
Flowers dance to the wind Such wonderful show Roses bloom Daisy sings   There is no sign of doubt The fields are nothing but clear
Plymouth  Stars shine down Over the twilight; The mountains of old Silent in stillness. Waters and cliff face
My masked that's concealed by my yearning hands That shine through the narrow cracks of my fingers What is that bright light on the other side of my walls That I refuse to open up
Who says I need to be perfect? Who writes this in a diary? This is my story, I'm the captin Who tells me If im fit to lingo Who told you you werent beautiful Who said beauty is in everything else 
The tub fills, the pain runs deep I sit in this tub and began to weep Emotions bottled up inside with nowhere to go  But Iv'e had enough. They began to flow I cry and cry as I sit there. Trying to drown my troubles
you don’t really know me you know what I put on Instagram, and what I tweet about on Twitter or what I hide behind these Snapchat filters.  but truthfully you don’t really know me
The illusion of time, dictated by age paraphrased by our days, wisdom from the scars of my previous mistakes that appear only to the ones I claim to be everything to me in my life..
  At sixteen, I got my first golden ring, The reality of my situation was enough to tap onto the outer providence of my brain. It never occurred to me that I was growing up.
I am the small voice that fades into the background, I am the cowardly dog who puts down their head, I am the thought that never gets to be expound,
Everything's changing, I’ve always had a perspective of how life would happen. Of how I would begin and end, Everything's changing.
Step Over It isn't over yet Something new  Someone you haven't met Fear, ignore Power, strength, courage, tell me more Onto the next somewhere to explore
Most people are afraid of spiders or public speaking, Or maybe dark rooms and floor boards creaking, And while these may perhaps be on my list
New   Change makes me uncomfortable I feel a connection  There’s something about someone who gets it, right?
My anger is not a star Bursting with untamable fire Stubbornly bright  When drowning in darkness And boiling beneath the surface To drive out the cold. It's a double edged sword The weapon 
Waddling walks and teardrop bellies Hospital gowns and nonstop yelling Pink, white, and blue Nurses walking about Waiting to hear the babies first shouts   Love at first sight  A mothers first glance
I am only two years, seven months older two x’s don’t bother me now and they came round    this summer, remain adamant  name is going to be Aaron, one who is a mountain of strength 
Dear World,  the hate you give, I would like to give it back. it is a deadly poison and, only makes people mad to attack.    Dear Music, the hate you give,  I would like to send away.
They are Monet eyes an artist’s eyes a work of art on their own they are springtime all alone they show life  calm Inside grow flowers a whole universe for us to explore
Shadows churning and spiralling Words endlessly applying themselves to paper A written goodbye So many times written before Yet here again the same words written
I am so fortunate Life is just starting A new school and new friends Can I forget the past? My heart broken so many times that I can't count Wanting to leave so bad that I have nightmares of going back
I've never minded being alone. It's been a fact since my birth My father wasn't there, though I try to keep that from lessening my worth Mom works hard, my new Dad does too
I believe in the power of ink, The power it brings to create something greatI believe in the power of paperThe power to convey things that you can’t speakI believe in the power of midnight thoughtsWhen sleep doesn’t come easily I believe in the po
You first introduced yourself when I thought I lost everything. You told me I didn't need them, that they were holding me back. Now, it's you holding me back.   
You first introduced yourself when I thought I lost everything. You told me I didn't need them, that they were holding me back. Now, it's you holding me back.   
Remember That time will not rewind To undo injustices Inflicted by our fear and hate. To inflicted the same
I’m dying to start a clean canvas,  A clear beginning full of motivation, freedom of chances.    I say clean and not new, for our past teaches us and holds our truth.   
I am confusing. Like a deep sea current. I change direction, rapidly, swiftly Left Then right. My mind a sea of spiraling thoughts
Dear 2018, I hope to God you're doing well Because when you do well, the world follows suit We haven't met yet, but we will tonight
Dear Gums, That's my nickname for you, Cause babygirl you got no teeth I write this with you next to me on the floor When I look down at you I know want so more
Dear Stranger,   It has been a little over a year now since I first met you, Since your own daughter first met you, and the rest of your grandchildren too.   We don't blame you you hadn't a clue
Dressed but aloof I count the hours The heels of my boots tapping The hours seem so trapping Standing tall But feeling small
  Let it be True Let it be Real Let the rain wash away and Let the Sun bring a New Day
I thought I was ready Sat back with my window down The radio loud, going seventy an hour Heart a hurricane Mind a comet But the most beautiful things end you see
You minipulate me made your aesthetic to be that of a devil's I guess its my fault Ive always been known to be a devil's advocate   You say you love me 
sometimes the world is so much I don’t even know what to write about it. but I still come one here every so often to tell the void about my paltry thoughts. Almost just to get the illusion of talking to someone
There goes Hansel and there goes Gretel,  the two who are known for their walks in the woods they go so many times a week, too many to count. But someone else goes with them, someone who Hansel and Gretel don't know about.
Stabilisation process to zenith Breaker line in the deepest Transfer empty checks for a momentary difference Fluctuations along shore surface Protection parallel to disturbance Oscillatory Difference
It's the words of your life You know proof on repeat all day Beat's by Taylor Slim shady' so shady Dropping bombs Faster than you can say sabotage Life's not what you think If you've ever been
I  see blue irises A too-large shirt hangs limply over my body There is dried paint on my hands A conversation about planets and stardust swims its was out of the salty tears Blue irises
Pain is a beautiful person, place or thing. You never know what you’re getting into Until the blood starts to stain Your tears begin to rain. Whoever knew pain could give you bliss
And I wrote these thoughts down in my head Where they would never be spoken of again Until the findings of a fragile mind erupt in time And space, gathering the courage to be
The sky was pale blue with tints of pink through the window of a white washed house.   Branches hanging on to trunks of trees, no leaves, just pale white-brown.  
I am a new beginning A jump across a puddle and two hops to the left Press start. Look up. The dreams no longer satisfy who I am   I am a force  Not a physical matter to measure
She is ready to start over  Ready for a new day
Summer has said its goodbye long ago. Students rushing to get their school supplies.
College is the time to be free To soar and be oneself To explore what the world has to offer
From the concrete, a flower grows And since that flower grew A new beginning unfolds It gives a light to this darkness The little light shall glow And that light, I shall go
Sunset settles on the east As the sky darkens Stars twinkle While tine slows downs Owls awaken Yet, birds fly south Heart beats And I stay still waiting waiting waiting
Nostalgic memories engulf my thoughts
I would go out on the corners Handing dollars to the needy I would give them so much food They could even be greedy I'd go to places Where water droplets are few And dig a deep well
Here I stand with nothing of my own, Everything was given to me from the start. Standing on an empty road I must take this path alone, Watching everything fall apart.
I don't seem to get the meaning in making more meek men suffer man made rules   Its a never ending cycle of tips and tunes and steps and breaks   Eyeing the moving hands,   
Out I came squawling into tender hands glancing back, and knowing loss before I knew my name. Already I had slipped. The cup of sadness, newly nipped, would sustain me as whips do on the flanks of black stallions
Once I stared at the page All it took was a second The words would come, the sounds so easy   But then the heartbreak came The abandonment from those I loved And I couldn't write
The delicacy of smoke unravels into rivers of gentle flows. Oh! How the appearance resembles that of a shooting star in broad daylight;
Saying goodbye is never easyIt always comes sooner than we intendThey make our insides uneasyBecause we don't know when the missing will stop and decend
Way in the country side 
Not exactly insane Closer to sane Preserved in an imaginative mind   He gawks He analyzes “He’s weird.” –they say   He’s different He’s awkward He touches He stares
Point your finger at Me, For I am the only target to see. I was blind And I was naive. I didn't see How I affected you, Or how I affected Me.  But time has passed,
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