Fresh Start

Summer has said its goodbye long ago.

Students rushing to get their school supplies.

Some whining, others indifferent, or scared.

The next four years will be different from their last.

As I sit in my bedroom, I fill up with excitement.

Eager to start school, waiting to indulge on the crisp information

Beyond the classroom door.

I gather my belongings and wait.

Listening to music and savoring these last couple of days

Before school commences.

Watching movies with my family will always be a wonderful past time.

As I cherish these moments,

I know there will be more to come once school begins.

There is where I will learn more about myself and capabilities.

There is where I will encounter new people.

There is where I will come face-to-face with reality.

Where I will encounter struggles and surely make mistakes.

I will greet this "new world" with a smile.

Knowing in the end, it will shape me into who I will become.

Transforming and growing into the indepenent person I plan to be.

I can't wait to commence a new chapter,

Filled with the different colors of  life and its own twists and turns.


College Life.

Let the lessons and lectures unravel





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