Myself, through my eyes

I've never minded being alone.

It's been a fact since my birth

My father wasn't there, though I try to keep that from lessening my worth

Mom works hard, my new Dad does too

When my brother ws born, it seems so were you.

All of you crowded my thoughts and my mind

I became a slave to your whims

But of course I didn't mind, I had friends from within.

You broke me down, each nitpicking me bit by bit

Made me feel worthless and small, breaking me with your comments and wit

However, you made me strong, made my impenetrable thick skin

For how can another hurt me when all my pain came from within?

Depression taught me that life is fleeting, so do what you can

Self- consciousness, to let no one judge me for being who I am

Insecurity, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder

And Anxiety that the world is full of wonder

Blunt honesty was what I need and got and I'm making my family proud

I don't regret my mind's coinhabitants, for they helped to strip away my childish shroud


Some would call them monsters

I consider them friends

They've been my mentors from the start and will be until the end

I've learned to make peace with my flaws

Some now bring happiness and others still come with pause

But I know that time heals all and makes pain fade away

And nothing

Not cloudy skies

Dismal outlook

Or negativity of any kind or in any way

Can ruin a single moment in any of my new days.


I wanted to dedicate this to my Grandmothers as well, if that'd be alright. This isn't a part of the poem, but my Grandmothers that have passed were inspirational as well, and continue to inspire me everyday.

To whoever reads this, I hope you enjoy and understand. Have a lovely day.




This poem is about: 
My family


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