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When you asked me  what i wanted to be  when I'm older, my heart screamed "yours", but instead I smiled and said "a writer".
Next to you is the quietest my mind has ever been, the noise has finally found its peace.   Next to you my scars, insecurities and fears  Have developed into stars.
We know each other so well We are loved by each other I study your face, the way you move, your smell Simply the way you are, got me under your spell
There's something different about todayMaybe I'm the only onewho'll notice itbut it's better than nothing  
I don’t want to be loved. I want to be the very thing in your core To make supernova from your body. Radiate the entire sky while we both see whiteI’ll watch your body shake making mess on the galaxy we find leisure on
My heart left where we would meet
Have you ever loved someone so much you'd do anything and everything? I have tried to avoid the memories but there are days they still knock the wind out of me. Sometimes when I cant sleep you suddenly cross my mind,
She lies awake knowing the sun will be out soon, She contemplates whether or not to stay up until the afternoon. Because sleep is just a reminder of what things use to be,
I love you madly.. or I'm madly in love with you which one is right, Is it your love makes me blind or your love gives me sight. Do I tell you how much it hurts or how happy I was with you,
Do you think our souls will find each other in another life, Do you think next time we'll make it to where you'll actually be my wife. Do you think one day my kiss will fade,
My heart.. probably the emptiest place in my body these past few months, I haven't felt to many emotions but lately it seems that its been healing a shit ton. But see there's this place in my heart that is completely yours,
Through my eyes I see you
MY God  MY GOD, How long did it take to create such a beautiful Child? I know it took a beautiful while,
  There once was a girl I met Was the best girl out there yet From bein’ together To barely ever Someon’ else got who I didn’t get
Heartbreaks Couldn’t be you all by yourself
You're far away. We're miles apart. Yet, even so, you still have my heart. You're the one that I dream of, late at night.
With a beauty like hers, no one can deny, Her heart full of gold, and her eyes filled with such integrity, With her locks of bronze blonde waves and the skin looks like a model.
There's not a day that goes by, a minute that passes. That you're not on my mind. I think about you all the time. I wonder how you're doing. What you're doing. Who you're with. Everyday.
kiss the stars on your cheek and the sun on your lips you're the universe to me to hold in arms so frail 
Devilish deliverer of darkness Eerie establisher of ease Faithless father of fear
If an Author is a job than believe me my life will be changed. I sit and pondered on what is it I want to do for the rest of my life. It came clear to me that it would be to write.
I look and see greatness and admiration. I always have to look pass my procrastination. I would like to change that so I could get more things done.
My soul mate             One day             I find myself fly away             Leave this world             Above the stars               Back again
Never letting go of me                         Shifting, thinking, bending             You twist my body             Whirling me around             Glamorous  
you are the stars i gaze at every single night you are the sun i wake to with its rays of golden light you frolic in my orangejuice and snuggle in my bread you've nestled in my heart and you've rooted in my head
If I could change the world, I wouldn't change it.  For we already have the capability to rearrange it.  We are a feeling species. Full of love and of hate. Yet we cannot appretiate that fact.   
I think about you everyday.
Showing no proof of insanity Tracing the lost thoughts in my mind All of you I’m falling in the stream Of lovelines Curious of what you mean to me Please just give me a chance I can’t let go
I miss the days  when we talked all day
I have never been so hungry in all my life. The feel of the web as you start to move. My heart beats as the vibrations pour down the strings. So hungry for my dinner to fill my neverending appetite.
as the leaves turn to orange and the sky turns pink, the world begins to quiet.  to silence the calm whistles in the wind.  your cold breathe in the brisk fall air, calling to me.
Love is beautiful.   in the way the moon illuminates the night.   and in the way breath fills the lungs.   Love is beautiful in the way warm sand kisses cold feet.  
Shes that distinct scent in the saturated air of beauty,She stands tall like sky scraper built for movies,I mean, clearly, shes dope like I bagged some cokeBut legality isn't on the mind with these words I spoke,
Melodic, expressive, persistent, reflectiveWords in a sense to describe the EclecticMusic to soul, the insulin to my diabeticI feel it, I breathe it, I eat it, I rep it
its a fact that feel like i yearn for you its a fact that i feel like time stops when i embrace you its a fact that i defy physics, kill gravity, and take flight when i look into your eyes
You, only you, you are desire, youEyes so brown & deep like the Nile, youSmile so bright you light up the sky, youAll I want is youYou are my flame that boils my soul to the flash point of ecstasy, that is you
And it's all I can do Not to drift off thinking of you You are the smoke and the fog In my brain, in my gears and kogs And yet, when you're here All my low hanging clouds clear And it's all I can do
My mind has been reborn. Ecstasy consumes me.
I don't get why you say you're not a poet I'm not sure if you know what real poets write about cause they write things awfully similar to you And if you say you're not a poet then what the hell are you doing
To see the one I love, happy, means the world to me Even if that means I've got to set him free I love him But he loves someone else
I tell you you’re beautiful every time we talk.. your outline drawn from Gods own chalk But your beauty is way deeper than skin It’s the girl I know that lies within It’s completely amazing and simply breathtaking
It was never my intent to return to this place dark halls of betrayal, and lacking in grace Lustful intentions, like geysers of steam scald memories ‘neath mahogany beams
I never had it. What does it feel like? Requited and mutual A yes to that nervous question I've never had it That embrace of affection With that one you enjoy You yearn for and endear to
Time does not exist, only clocks. My body is a pendulum. The rubber soles ticking along the concrete so harmoniously as to measure out the perfect period.
Life, each turn Leaves you more lost than the first It's just something That's when it's bad, it hurts Not knowing how one day, will go That's the reason why we get up To suffer each day of it
Mama always used to say live within the present, To maintain myself strong, To love the past, but just forget it, A taste of history, Can't last within my teeth.
Its A Little Ridiculous Because I Don't Know He. I Don't Think I Have Any Strong Feelings But I Keep Thinking And He Makes Me Forget How I Feel About The Truth. The Truth Is All I Ever Wanted.
Perhaps when I’m older the world will be ours. And the ships we sail will weather few storms. We will dive into blue oceans, And swim in deeper seas. We will hold our breath longer,
Theres one thing i've learned about love, They never come with protection, So we are all forced to go raw. I was forced to fall in love with myself, Simply because nobody else will.
All the tears wasted on you time gone because of you dreams and hopes are crushed because our happiness was rushed my heart so strong will never break, because, in truth our love wasn’t fake.
Lovely, curly head This is you, in me form, Giving you a message simpler than a worm, Remember how you used to hate those? Lovely, curly head Don’t ever give up Don’t ever lose hope
He would go that far to hurt me. He tore into my soul. He tore into my heart. There is a huge hole in my chest where HE used to be. There is a huge hole in my heart and blood gushes out. I can’t stop it.
I’m abandoned. I’m left alone in the dark and cold. No one is here to keep me warm. Who am I to trust? Who will betray me? Who loves me? Who hates me? I want to rip my heart out,
Your symptoms love to come and go These aches and pains are bending you crooked Shattered like glass, you are beautiful while broken
We're setting sail to a voyage that never ends Cast with the wind, while the anchor begins to drown Blurred ripples, our boats filled up with sand And the sirens sing, leaving an empty sound
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This is part 2 of Pretty Girl, the poem about a girl I used to really like but never got the chance with her, although I don't have feelings for her anymore, I feel that these poems can be great for lovers out there.
you have no reason to stay yet here i am begging you not to leave me here just yet i have no self-control i'm losing it losing you selfishly feeling what i can't
Oh thee I this finest hour of my most delightful power my angel she fell from garce unbearable punishment she must embrace forever seeking what may so long to be forever seeking a path
As quiet as a gentle wind your soul connects with mine and binds us with a sweeten kiss then attaches to my heart, and fill it with bliss.
I am bored without love and its passionless limbs that drapes over my remaining emotions in a superior state of potency while wearing a smug look of dominance. my soul is crying for help,
When I first catch her scent she lays sprawled ecstatic on the floor at the laughing feet of party-goers, doing what comes naturally to such creatures, while her wide eyes twinkle christmas lights.
Every time I look into your eyes My heart starts beating at a ridiculous pace I ponder the reason and wonder why But the answer is just so easy to face You are the reason for everything good in my life
There’s no day I don’t miss you, It’s been two years already I wonder where you are Leaving with no goodbye wasn't fair, I waited and waited for forgiveness Until I realized it was pointless.
There in the light of the moon and the lamp is where you shall stay in my heart forever. With the shadows falling across your perfect face, it's and image I etch in my mind
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