My heart so strong


United States
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All the tears wasted on you
time gone because of you
dreams and hopes are crushed
because our happiness was rushed
my heart so strong will never break,
because, in truth our love wasn’t fake.

Memories flowing through my mind,
things that happened so far behind.
songs and poems fill my head,
like all the things you’ve once said.
my heart so strong is filled with pain,
it is not broken, but its sprained.

We could have been many things,
what screwed it up was all our flings.
we live on an emotional rollercoaster,
not like the ones you see on a movie poster.
my heart so strong will never belong,
because i have been waiting for so long.

You made me laugh and cry,
when i was with you i felt the butterflies.
without you by my side,
my happiness was gone and i tried to hide.
my heart so strong will always love,
but now i’m free like a dove.

I tried so hard to forget,
yet our love i do not regret.
our love i the dust in the wind.
only our secret, because we sinned
my heart so strong will always beat,
even when i am as dead as meat.

Our love was power,
it grew into a flower.
some say it was fate, some at chance.
i did not know it was love at first glance.
my heart will never fail,
because i am not for sale.


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