The Eternal You and Me

Every time I look into your eyes
My heart starts beating at a ridiculous pace
I ponder the reason and wonder why
But the answer is just so easy to face
You are the reason for everything good in my life
And if one day you should ask
I will gladly without a doubt be your wife
And in your lovely essence I will bask
You have been there through the pain, the laughter, the tears
You have laughed with me, hugged me close, made me smile
You have melted away all of my fears
You have made every second of my life worthwhile
My feelings for you go so far beyond what I can understand
With you I feel complete, ecstatic, free
All I ever needed was the touch of your hand
Together forever I just know we will be
And I know there will be times that aren’t so perfect and sweet
Inevitably there will be bumps, bruises, and aches
But I’ll never forget the good that came from the day we did meet
Goods and bads a real relationship makes
We will urge on through every hardship and fight
We will be lost in each other’s thoughts and embrace
I will do anything to keep you, use all of my might
I’m reminding you of my love just in case
A life without you would be so dark and lost
I would have no direction
I’d long to find you at all costs
To my life and myself I would lose all connection
Thank you for every sweet, amazing, thing that you do
You have taken my hand and promised never to let go
Thank you for being the one and only you
Our love is and always will be eternal, I just know


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