If I was a spider

I have never been so hungry in all my life.

The feel of the web as you start to move.

My heart beats as the vibrations pour down the strings.

So hungry for my dinner to fill my neverending appetite.

Stay awhile trapped among my hair.

Each thread ties knots to fingers.

I may never have a moment like this again.

When the most finely aged morsel has fell upon my trap.

Thin threads may be brittle but never unbroken.

I hope you can fill my empty stomach.

I cant keep feeling this hunger forever.

So stay a while just a little longer.

Rest among my hair and sleep.

Everyday is dreary, long and pointless.

Wrapped up in my hair so fine.

Stay forever and speak to me of everthing you know.

I will wrap you in my legs of eight to keep you close to me.





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