I am bored without love
and its passionless limbs
that drapes over my remaining emotions
in a superior state of potency
while wearing a smug look of dominance.
my soul is crying for help,
but can anyone hear?
Falling, falling deeper.

Now here are the remains of nothingness
alone and worthless
trying to build up love
with two halves of a broken heart;
with harsh darkness surrounding me,
won't you at least help?
Falling,falling even deeper.

I scream my poetic vows
between hearts pathetically,
but all i get is nothingness
like all the words said upon deaf ears,
sounds of sorrow spill into my world.
Instead of each other,
somewhere beyond the maelstrom of clouds
cupid has lost his love arrows.
So now where does that leave me?
Falling, falling deeper into oblivion



wow.. this is seriously amazing....

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