Your Everything I Need..


I just wanna give you all of me
Not half
Not a piece of me
It’s more than just sex
The penetration of your dick in my vagina
No it’s the full nakedness of my body
My heart
And soul
Giving to you
The chosen one
Now I’m giving my self up to you as an offering
That I can’t back out on
The ultimate sacrifice
This is what I came to
This is what I want
You is what I need
And all of you is what I want
I want all of you
That grin
Your body
Your mind
That hair
Your high love & emotion
Just to me
So we can be one
One body
One soul
One mind
One heart

& breathe in sync
& walk in sync
& live in syncs

Just us & the world
Just me and my love

Will you be able to sacrifice you for me?
It’s a trade myself for you.
I think it’s right?

Now if only you saw it like this




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