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I am not evil When you looked away for two minutes, I am still the same person I was 2 minutes ago.
I whistle a tune  unbeknownst to all subjugating aerodynamics take flight in the V, they quack no? I chose the letter G   I hum a melody that pricks the ears of Grays shall they
Adore the acne  Befriend the blemish  Flaunt your flaws you are beautiful  you are winning 
This overwhelming tension is so blissful. How your soul is not resentful. You're the definition of freedom, unique spirit that's so seldom. Exterior of a goddess, superiority on every asset,
  I am a girl who when she was little belived in the world She imagined that she would be innocent and pure 
We say we love roses yes, they're beautiful but what about the leaves and roots? why not love them too? for they are what make the rose grow beautiful   We say we love him for his looks that is
Hair tied in knots, Lipstick smeared off, The room that I'm in, Littered with cloth. Homework undone, Bed untidy, Finding myself, Dirty and grimy. I take a step back,
In a world where people are periodically posting pics and sending selfies to fellow citizens, there is a surprising amount of self hate surrounding the subject.
When you look at the world What do you see? Do you view your food and friends in Mayfair and Valencia? Your wasting your time deciding which accent makes your skin look tan
Maybe I'm crazy and insane. Maybe we are not the same. But now I know what I see. Every time you look at me. It's innocence, That light. A light that shines through any dark night. And tho you are far away. These words I still have to say.
When I take a picture   I smile and stare at my relfection.   My mind wonders if they will like it   if they will see me the way  I see me.  
Underneath I have a dirty heart You all will fail, so I can win I am not clean and cut like my selfies But I am rough and tough like so many I do not really care about you So what if I lie and say that I do?
The Authentic Me by Hunter E Jones   Does the selfie define me? Am I worthy? Am I pretty?
"Four eyes", "big forehead", all the things that my haters said. "Big lips", "big nose to", thought I was cute, they like "who told you?"
I am a woman who can do it all Even though I am so small I have so much potential  because I know most of the essentials
In and from this world what do we really want?
One day I looked into my mirror and it started to speak, it said
I see hope. I see light. I see a love For life that might Hide deep inside His heart, Beneath pain and sorrow That tears him apart.   I hear cries. I hear sobs.
  Rarely do I see stretch marks, bruises, and scars in the media The absence of flaws on models and celebrities is extremely concerning It implies that imperfections are a shameful appearance
*Read the poem down first, then read it from bottom up. These two readings represent the filtered self -views of people in society vs. the individualistic view I have of myself, completely filter free*
Blood as red as a rose They said death was something that you just chose Truthfully it chose you
Perfect this.
I am flawless from my head to my toes No clothes or filters can better what’s already gold I shine so bright and I don't need to be told For its my beauty within, that makes me so bold
Highly underrated  Highly anticipated  Got one goal that is being the greatest  Prove doubters wrong when I make it  Been plotting this moment since my momma was pregnant 
Sometimes- I tremble like the fault lines,
When I walk down the street, I feel their eyes They look at me but don’t know why I used to stay in my room and hide Scared of judgments, Terrified.   One day I took a glance in a glass
I am Kenna In every sense of the word I am inside jokes and finger pricks and two a.m. cheezit cravings and study hall naps and tear stains on a pillow case and stretch marks
Let perfection be built by society, But,  There is just one assumption worth to be heard and read, Inner beauty can shine brighter,
Mayfair, Valencia, X-Pro II,
I stare at the mirror Watching anxiety pour My dignity crawls beneath me Heaving on all fours
What do you see when you look in the mirror? Yourself. You need to be Flawless, everyone knows it. You can be beautiful, Glitter with excellence. You can shine, But only if you want to.
what makes me flawless?
They say that girls are made of curves - that we are smiles and acceptance, a circle of understanding arms, our feminine charms meant to lure you in: a siren call.
You constantly remind me that I am not good enough not pretty enoughLeave me hung in your closet like the bastard child that only wanted to be lovedYou laugh and hiss telling me beauty is not skin deep
I look at him through a dark tunnel, The only light comes from the exits made of glass. Watch as he starts to stumble I'm hidden in the tall grass   Through that dark tunnel,
Her eyes see better than my own. She is admired by all. She has clarity, vision, and artistry.  She produces works of art so clear, viewers are transported to a land of freedom and possibility.
I have fought to become the handsome man I am today, This uniform policy just teaches "what I am is not okay". Being able to wear fashion is more than just looking cool,
We all have a story that made us who we are, But that doesn’t mean we are stuck. Listening to the torment, Believing all the lies. Hiding in the shadows, Of those judging eyes.
All day long I fight the good fight against my eyes, A constant reminder I'm slave to my sight. What a shame, the content with such snide ties.   I suppose it's time for me to grow wise,
Confidence, she wears a yellow dress, Doing nothing, but her best In all that life throws at her Disregarding all the rest. Confidence, she wears a yellow dress.
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