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Leaving a hall of discord and Still grieving for all my mistakes Then returning I'm seething at what I have found And the counsel of higher life Still leaves me burning
For decades, society’s idea of beauty has been a high culture of cherry picked aesthetics of how to look, how to think, how to feel, and how to act.  
Why is it people idolize famous people like they are gods? What is this fascination we have as beings we tend to be ignorant in the ways of how people really are?
Why is it people idolize famous people like they are gods? What is this fascination we have as beings we tend to be ignorant in the ways of how people really are?
The stage Where smoothly stuttering movements Are their own brand of finesse, Is the stage upon which I wish to waltz  For the rest of my Audaciously authentic, Dazzling days.
The fear of letting go, Of being left all alone, Of finding the end As empty as the road   It's a hireath made of gold
you must do what you need to do to be authentic.   the discovery of your true self includes connecting the dots   it means digging deep into the archives of childhood, 
. . . right away, you’ll see it’s difficult to find: (That -- while it’s true, it’s only You able to see inside your, Mind, -- ) Lost thoughts often  become begotten
  Call me anything but polite, For you have not seen my times of spite— You have not seen my abrupt mornings, Or my dinner-less nights.
Dear papí,   Sometimes I look at myself, And feel Disgusted.   It's been like this for a while,
Somewhere along the lines I stopped and decided Not to let my whole identity get wrapped inside What I thought you wanted—expected of me I could not live being an insincere fake—I tried.  
EXPOSED! The Princess Dress (a girl’s life behind the fairy tale scenes) By Krystle Zachary   Please listen! Lean forward now As we all discover The typical princess life
“Walk with me.”Intuitively, two kindred Spirits step upon uncharted terrain.Authentic sharing, naturally unveiled; deep friendship its gift.Music within each other’s heart inspired growth and Love to flourish.
In the words of my favorite wrestler ACH,"They say you can be anything;they don't tell you to be yourself"With poetry, I can accomplish both"Ash, get lost in your thoughts!"Writing words is a reliefMy pen taught me how to speakPeople think it is c
In the words of my favorite wrestler ACH, "They say you can be anything; they don't tell you to be yourself" With poetry, I can accomplish both "Ash, get lost in your thoughts!" Writing words is a relief
1. Sitting on your bed. Thinking.  2. Listening to your work. Hearing you, knowing the sincerity of your words.  
I Am   A stunning self-confident young lady is what I Am A creative, wise and understanding person is what I Am
-I went through a season of roaming. appeared as a tornado in the sand Rotating while in orbit, a cycle that I could not break without the mighty strength of God to stabilize me.
I am not meant to be seen without my filter She is the secret I hide under my bed. I meet her from time to time
Who am I without a filter? Before I adjust the contrast, saturation, shadows, and sharpness of my image. Before I change the filter to Mayfair or Valenica. Before I get my make up and hair just right.
I'm in a constant state of madness with my disarrayed hair I stopped tampering with and my bubbly, bright voice that can't seem to stay quiet.   I enjoy the simple things-
Who are we? Who is me? What do I see, When I look at he? I see a guy Who lives in a time Where everyone preaches individuality Be yourself Dont judge Be unique
Authenticity - A Life Unmasked     Tall
I don’t wear makeup everyday.
I haven't had lessons since the age of three but me?   I'm a dancer   Those rhythms in my soul are always pounding Pulsating, shaking, crying, hoping, longing For a dance floor  
Looking behind the curtain and finding there's no one there I'm hiding somewhere safe pulling out my hair Leaving these hallways for the final time Not sure if I'm ready to let the real m shine
That moment when you’re deep In thoughtful conversation
I see a space where no great thought floats among stray feathers where loud sound chases g
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