The Princess Dress

(a girl’s life behind the fairy tale scenes)

By Krystle Zachary


Please listen! Lean forward now

As we all discover

The typical princess life

While she is undercover…


How rosy her young face turned

As she stared with lit up eyes

And she grasped the present to her breast.

What a pleasant surprise!

A Princess dress, a pretty dress

Was given from the King, her Daddy

With shiny shoes and bows to choose

Oh! Was she so happy!

The girl slipped the garments

O’er her shining head

And she danced around the royal floor

I love it so! she said.

Ruffles, frills, pleats and thrills

Made this dress a sight.

But the biggest thing

That made it seen

Was that it was so WHITE.

The dress made the girl real happy.

She already was a queen.

She felt real proud and perfect.

How she flashed her smile beams.

White as a dove from her Daddy’s love

Who gave this dress to her.

She was ready for her Princess Training

Founded from a selfish lure…


Days passed. And weeks and months.

And then, finally years.

The girl grew up and flowed

Just like her hair and tears.

People came, they stared.

They glared, thought she didn’t see.

But the girl sensed the strife

As she waved from her balcony.

Now everytime the girl

Threw the dress o’er her head,

She felt itchy, twitchy, not pretty.

Was that thrill now gone and dead?


Daily dilly-dally

She dawdled down, about

Trying hard to smile,

Trying to suppress her shout.

Then swiftly, surely, softly

Boys asked for her hand

Millions and billions

Were princes from different lands.


But as that princess gazed

With a faint glaze in her eye

Was there something else she longed for

Something bleached and white?


The dress bounced and flounced

From the wistful girl in vain

As she tried to find other than a robot

To truly say her name.

Her dress, which was white, was

Now a little gray

From the constant wearing and

Careless tearing from anxious fiddling all day

She no longer wore the dress

For pride or for her Daddy.

She wore the dress for someone else

To fill her cup of happy.


This princess dress, this pretty dress

Was a little drooped and pale

As this pretty dress ran with the girl

To attract some different male…


The night ended.

The girl hung the dress with careless whim.

The dress kinda slumped. All affected

By her and Him.

The bow’s untied, the skirt, once white,

Was now a dirty brown

From all the rare adventures

She and her new friend had shared underground.

The dress was wrinkled and ruffled

From playing in the Pit they dug

And cold from excitement, they shared

A passionate hug

And because the girl found a Whole New World

She also gave him this,

She stood on her tippies

To give the peasant a kiss.


Now what happens to any princess

Who strays from her built path?

What will become of the girl

Who got caught in this obscene act?


Shots you only heard

Cries you could not see

Blood you could not face

But just harsh, reality…


The dress is now thrown on the floor.

Dirty. Wadded. Torn.

The girl in another corner.

Down. Weeping. Forlorn.


The dress is unreal now.

Its thrill is drained away.

All that’s left in this dress

Was brown, loose and gray.


The princess sobbing,

Her made path was robbing

All her pride away

Naked bare, nothing there

To warm her body today.


The princess dress, once so white,

Was crumpled, torn apart,

As the poor princess, with her princess dress,

Cried from a Broken Heart.


So here are the true girls’ lives,

Exposed. From limits to stipulations

Of having to live the perfect life

Or there will be curses of complications.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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