Looking behind the curtain and finding there's no one there

I'm hiding somewhere safe pulling out my hair

Leaving these hallways for the final time

Not sure if I'm ready to let the real m shine

Always showing up to class with a smile

Inside I'm crying maybe even dying

Do u notice me?

The girl whose been bullied since Kindergarten

Tabloids dressed up as gossip

Rumors goin like a merry go round

Ever wonder y I never frown

I will never let u get me down

The molestation I went thru is undectable

The self- abating I choose to do is so disrespectful

I got to be better than this

When my mind isn't on the books it's on the disease

U people should be lucky PTSD is as contagious as a sneeze

Longing to be loved struggling with beauty in the mirror

Not knowing where I fit in feeling alone in my own life's sit-in

Don't ask me y I hide the behind the curtain

If I portrayed the real me my friend u wouldn't dare to be

Most boys would be scared of me

My father is no where to be found and I just learned his name

Mom comes around when she feel like it

What's her new girlfriends name?

Faith stops me from givin up

GOD keeps me looking me

So as I post this I grant to you:







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