Threat to the System

In the words of my favorite wrestler ACH,"They say you can be anything;they don't tell you to be yourself"With poetry, I can accomplish both"Ash, get lost in your thoughts!"Writing words is a reliefMy pen taught me how to speakPeople think it is cute to act muteThe same ones with no voice try to muffle my noiseSo is life as I move past the strifeMy "hood" tries to stifle me"Authority" libels meas a troublemakerWhy? Is it because I have a message?A seventeen year-old threat to the systemI just did not realize anyone was listening Poetry saved meMy words made meCarpe diem on the notepadMy legacy is brazenLook it up in the record booksThe syntax sends shock wavesas my Brooklyn flag waves

This poem is about: 



I tried to space out different lines and the format of my poem (how scrunched up the words are) is not what I intended.

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