I Am... Scholarship Slam


Blytheville High School
309 Louise Street, Blytheville, Ar 72315
United States
35° 55' 27.516" N, 89° 53' 13.164" W

I Am


A stunning self-confident young lady is what

I Am

A creative, wise and understanding person is what

I Am

Fashionable and creative is what

I Am

“Straight A” student is what

I Am

You said I wouldn't, you said I couldn’t, you said I never would be… Guess what?

I Am

You said a girl from Blytheville, where guns and violence abound, would she ever be successful?

A girl that’s surrounded by so much hatred, negative vibes, and negative mindsets wouldn’t break through?

A pitched black hole, who will bring sunshine in? I came to acknowledge you That’s who…

I Am

You doubted me. Said I wasn’t able. Who is going to prove you wrong?

I Am

Everybody questions who I Am but I'm here to tell you

I am….

I Am what I Am and wouldn’t change it for anything or anyone in the world.

I am

A wise person can go along way in life and I’m just beginning my journey

The way I walk, laugh, and carry myself shows you who

I Am

Even though life itself gets a little hectic sometimes

I just pick my head up and smile.

Humbled is what I Am

Kearra is who I Am


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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