Why is it people idolize famous people like they are gods?

What is this fascination we have as beings we tend to be ignorant in the ways of how people really are?

Young girls believe their favorite actor or singer is perfect,

adults believe the leaders of the country are great who cares about them like they are their family?

Why is it when we fall in love we tend to romanticize our partners or a relationship as a whole?

People tend to think our pervious partners are our soulmates who have left us in the dust,

Maybe humankind is unintelligent emotional beings who have nothing else to do except fantasize about these types of things when in reality, everyone is equally a shitty person and an extraordinary person as well,

We are not really all that different but not the same.

We are two sides of the same coin but it is up to us to pick which side we choose to show to those around us,

When we are alone is it the only time we can be our truest selves, afraid that if we show the world authenticity of oneself we will be shunned as the outcasts we truly are,

That is why we hate being ourselves cause of this fear of rejection that we put up these walls and masks for people. I am a part of this facade of fake-ness that goes on in the world,

The truth is we never know who our loved ones are.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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