Roadtrip Down Spirit Lane


I'm in a constant state of madness

with my disarrayed hair

I stopped tampering with

and my bubbly, bright voice

that can't seem to stay quiet.


I enjoy the simple things-

particularly aesthetically pleasing things

and I find it hard to make new friends.


Anxiety fills me to the brim

when thinking two seconds into the future.

Never really in the present,

but not quite stuck in the past,

I'm a manic who's always depressed.


My highlights are when I'm a flurry

with lunatic ideas of changing

and everything appears so clear

and the world becomes so bright

and I can't even fathom everything that can happen in one night.


I find comfort

sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool

after long sets of back and forth and up and down.

Day after day, I find these goggle lines

embedded in my skin forever.


I am but a girl

with goals

and ambitions

and a future.

A girl ready to move forward,

even with a mind that has a tendency to go out of wack,

but with an authentic heart

that can go out

and achieve great deals.

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