The Circus


That moment when you’re deep

In thoughtful conversation

And suddenly you realize                                    

They’re far from comprehension.


You use the same words,

But the meaning doesn’t click:

Like talking to a wall

Made of solid brick.


I take a step away

And weigh the pros and cons

Of being one of them

A face-painted clown.


I wear a mask of ignorance

Hoping they won’t see

That all this damn stupidity

Isn’t the real me.


I feel as though I mock their ways

With bitterness and spite.

I play the game deceptively

Just trying to survive.


How am I to love

On a planet full of fools?

I’ve tried to waltz among them,

But I know deception’s cruel.


Inner guilt compels me

To shed this guise I wear.

I climb out of the ring

Of this circus with despair.


Sitting in the stands alone

I watch the masquerade.

Blissfully ignorant,

The fools are on parade.


Suddenly I see another

Sitting in the stands;

Two lonely hearts are filled with joy

For this friendship wasn’t planned.


Though it may be just us two

In the stands to watch the show,

Finally I am content

To know I’m not alone.


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