A Sister's Love

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I know I cannot impress upon youThe love and care that I carryIt is not explosive, but stable.Strong, safe, familiar.Natural and home grownWith roots buried as deep as a tree decades old.
If I whispered...
I’ve been blessed with the ability to share my thoughts, So I shall share them with you, Allie. To the sister that bathes in confidence, I could only wish to be like you. 
Into the night from dark to light, working long hours, I watched her She kisses her kids heads, as she puts them to bed, I watched her She is a mother, someone who looks after others, I watched her
Ba-bump ba-bump   Melted strawberry jam pools around my knees From my sister where I am seated 
    Every day I just want to know  if you’re proud of me  I make mistakes  I know. Is it too late for me?
Your hunger for wanting what was between my legs at the age of five. All the blood coming out making me empty inside. My childhood being torn away like a leaf floating in the air.
Oh brother, don’t turn away, the sister said The future’s banging on your door Won’t you just let it in? And memories are sold.  
Dear sister,<p>Paragraph one.</p> I told you how much you mean to me and how much you always made me grow as a person, How I wouldn’t have made it through freshman year without you.
Dearest Sister, Oh, how you have suffered. Child of infidelity, war, and poverty-- Abandoned by those you loved most, By those who were supposed to love you back.
I see my worst enemy and my favorite best friend. I see the only person that I can tell my worst fears and my best dreams.
I saw someone in the jeep todayAnd, oh, it reminded meOf a person I miss truly,Jealous as I looked at themWhen they were having fun,I didn't noticed my tears runningSlowly till it was done.
Seven billion peculiar people in the world,Extraordinarily unique, unequaled,Talents and skills, all are so incomparable,But there is no other person like my sister. Supermodel Tyra Banks posing gorgeouslyWith photos that are captured astonishingl
Your smile is so radiant it brings happiness to the blind And when you turn around, mmm i love that behind Your frequent change in hair has me on my feet Your fashion is so creative no one can defeat
Who?What?Where?   Stranded on island. That I simply can not bare. Who should I rely on when times get rough.
NO one can compare To the love an older sister has to share. Although we might fight, And yell every single day
  Golden light rays seek the tender flesh upon our cheekbones Glory, our glances silent peals of laughter burst into an exhausted gasp of air
will They find the body? will She care? Finally. I can't get the smell out of my head The lights dance, faltering like they did over the shattered glass
The Protector        Dedicated to my little sister, Melissa. I love you stay strong.   -I remember the day you were born. -April 23rd at 2:07 pm -9 pounds even and 24 inches long
The little things I cherish - The popsicle stick people that were my Christmas present, The notes we slip under the other's door, The dolls' stores and houses and barns, And the little-sister-love she gives me.
I've got a sister Riley is her name And I'm quite inclined To think she's insane She jumps on the couches And sings in the rain But I love her all the same   I've got a sister
My dear little sister; So sweet and loving, So kind and caring. Someone should kiss her.   She holds her unicorn; The sweet little painting,
I know you hate smooshieness Crackers that make you feel uncomfortable But I can’t help sharing with you
Always there when you need her the most
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