Dear sister, Read the week of your wedding

Dear sister,<p>Paragraph one.</p> I told you how much you mean to me and how much you always made me grow as a person, How I wouldn’t have made it through freshman year without you. You saw me alone without any friends, without a person in the world who cared about me and you decided that you would love me then even when it seemed like there was every reason not to. I wish that I told you when we were younger that I always looked up to you, how proud I was that you got into a college that was perfect for you and that I believed that you could do anything that you wanted to. I always thought that somehow you knew anyway, I always thought I never had to tell you how I felt because we’re sisters and sisters just kno  <p>Paragraph two.</p> I wish I told you on the days that you took me on rides to the beach that they were the best days of my life, I wish I had called you more all those summers that you were away and told you that I was glad you were living your dream. I missed you all those years that you were away but I didn’t tell you because you were my sister and I thought you just knew because we’re sisters and sisters just know.  <p>Paragraph three.</p> When we were little kids you used to send me into your room to look for “big spiders” every night before you went to bed, it was only when we were older than you told me that you really sent me in to look for monsters, or big scary men hiding under the bed. You said it was because I wasn’t afraid of anything, but I knew it was because you knew I would do anything for you even though I was the little sister. You didn’t have to tell me because we’re sisters and sisters just know.  <p>Paragraph four.</p> Later on, we went to the same college. It was the year that you were leaving and I was coming in, you convinced me to go to the school because you said it made sense for me to be in Colorado, but I knew it was because you were scared I won’t make any friends. You introduced me to all of your friends on the first day and you said it was because they were in all these clubs you wanted me to join, but I knew it was because you wanted them to look after me when they left. I knew because you’re my sister and sisters just know.  <p>Paragraph five</p> Now you’re with a man you love and at your wedding I’ll help you become even more beautiful than I already think you are and we’ll laugh and cry and tell each other these stories and say everything that we didn’t say when these things happened and we’ll tell each other every hidden meaning and emotion behind every word we’ve ever said and we’ll tell each other that we’ve known the whole time because we're sisters and sisters just know.  Love,Your favorite.

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My family


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