Resilient Sisterhood


Golden light rays seek the tender flesh

upon our cheekbones

Glory, our glances

silent peals of laughter

burst into an exhausted gasp of air

Concentration: deep, profound

as mesmeration grips our cheered hearts

the warmth vibrates into the room

Secrets are known, shown

Not kept away


We hide forever, sisters.

The bond not tradeable

Nor escapable


Anger appears

Frustration exults

Jealousy flashes

Kneels then dies

Why hold on to the despair

moribund cries, bottled

Bottle them up to throw away?

No, this bond

strengthens, primes

pulls us through to expel our doubt


We sisters forever,  

The bond merciful

Or purposeful


Childhood warmth and security

Continues on a countdown, a dark clothed clock

destined in my immeasurable moments

One day waking up

She’s gone

the invincible bond, stranded

Two lives diverged

Although invisible ties that convinced our separate minds are one

our bond, oh sweet connection

Is vacant, but there


Forever, us sisters

The bond unshakable



This poem is about: 
My family


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