"S.A.M.E " My Sisters and I

I’ve been blessed with the ability to share my thoughts,

So I shall share them with you, Allie.

To the sister that bathes in confidence, I could only wish to be like you. 

You fight tooth and nail to take a nap, and punch and kick until you've won.

Don't even get me started on rock paper scissors. 

Obsessing over your ¨Husbands¨ is one of your strong suits, which I find hilarious.

I love how you say that you're the ¨Mom¨ of the Triple Threat Triad, even though I am, little sister. 

Your perseverance gives me hope for the future, and I know I will never be alone. 

Even though you fulfill the ‘tough mother’ role, you still have the softest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. 

You are my inspiration to live my life as I choose. I am grateful for your advice and your presence.

Thank you, my dearest sister. 


Don’t think I have forgotten about you, Madie

The beauty that you create astonishes me everyday.

I could only hope to grasp a small piece of the artistic talent that you have. 

Your love of Pokemon cards makes me wish I had a better hobby

The way you play the trumpet brings joyous tears to my eyes.

You may be the middle Triplet, but that does not make you less important.

You are the center of the Tirad, the final piece that makes the shape whole. 

I admire your ability to try new things, and I have followed in your footsteps, hoping to be as great as you.

You are my inspiration to be expressive, to be as I am. I am grateful for your experiences, for they have taught me to never be afraid of prejudice. 

Thank you, my dearest sister. 


Finally, for Samantha.

You are older by three years, but you act the same age as us.

No, I cannot help you find your phone, and no I don’t know where it is, but I do know that it’s probably where you last had it.

Watching videos out loud is an irritating habit of yours, but I’d rather have you here at home than anywhere else. 

It always makes me laugh when you randomly quote something from Spongebob.

You are the true ‘mom’ of us four girls, and you’ve helped us grow into mature young women.

You may not think you’re a good role model, but my success came solely from your teachings

You grew from misfortune, and developed independence all on your own, without anyone’s help. 

I admire you for your bravery and tolerance. 

You inspire me to be organized, and to develop a plan for my future. I may not know what the future holds, but I do know I’ll have a list written every day until then.

Thank you, my dearest sister. 


We may be different with our personalities and hobbies, but in reality, we are much the same.

Samantha, Allisynn, Madelynn, Evelynn. 

Fitting together perfectly

And all inspiring. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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