Your smile is so radiant it brings happiness to the blind
And when you turn around, mmm i love that behind
Your frequent change in hair has me on my feet
Your fashion is so creative no one can defeat
You, your beauty, your happiness, your grace
And there is soo much more to you than your style and face
Your mind is incredible
Seems as if its unmeasurable
You are filled with so much......
I can't even find the words
Explaining you is like trying to explain the world
So many different parts, land and ocean
Its like whenever we're together, you give me the potion
The potion of love and enticement
Because every time i'm near you all I feel is excitement
Our constant debates and conversations
As if we have the power to change the nation
I'm sure she's probably thinking we already do
But i'll save that conversation for a day thats new
You're aggressiveness makes me speechless
You're incredibly stubborn & relentless
But because we're so alike, i know where to become silent
Mouth closed, ears open, so none of us become violent
Your passions and pursuits are so admirable
None of these traits are eligible
For interruption, I wouldnt dare
Everything about you is perfectly placed and couldnt be compared
Im so happy we've connected
You're a version of me thats been perfected
Now all we have is the rest of our lives
& I cant wait to see you as a mother, a wife
Growing older and becoming closer
Through life's unexpected boulders
I know we will end up in our rocking chairs
Reminiscing on the styles of our hairs
When we were young and adventurous
Our different views and our abruptness
The summer you let me stay with you
To help cus i felt like poo
Your smile when i would say childish things
My smile when you enlighten me on beautiful new happenings
And with a smile, this poem ends
Ending how it started, as if its continuing all over again
This is the feeling of my sister

This poem is about: 
My family


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